Kuza Cave safari in Tanzania : In Kibigija village, Jambiani, on Zanzibar’s eastern coast, Kuza is a revered and hidden ancient limestone Jungle Cave that is well-known for its turquoise waters, which make it the ideal safari destination for swimming. One of Zanzibar’s best-kept secrets, this stunning location is operated as a social enterprise by the Kuza Cave Team in cooperation with the surrounding people. The Cave has an entryway with several stairs and steps, lush greenery, and a 50-meter circular pool with gorgeous turquoise water where guests can swim to cool off after a few minutes of hiking. The clear water and round shape of Kuza Cave are said to have originated from the weathering of soft limestone by rainwater over a period of 250,000 years. The cave is around three metres deep. Although they are not as deep as the main Kuza Cave, there are several sub Caves in the vicinity. 

The Swahili word  “Kuza” means “giving birth” or “growth,” however the Jambiani people call it “Panga na maji,” which translates to “Cave with water.” A variety of artefacts that trace back to the beginning of human existence are also present in the Cave to acquaint tourists with the distinctive history of Swahili people. Hikes to the Cave require going over a tiny bridge and then down a short set of stairs to reach the breathtaking subterranean sanctuary. Kuza Cave is located in the lush jungles of Jambiani, home to several endemic bird and butterfly species from Zanzibar, as well as fascinating primate species such bush babies and Zanzibar red colobus monkeys.

Safari Activities around the Cave of Kuza.

Exciting Swahili Cooking lessons.

Kuza Cave offers its visitors the chance to participate in a brand-new open-plan culinary adventure where they can mix and match spices from Zanzibar to create delectable Swahili cuisine. You will also enjoy these delectable dishes when they are created; among of the frequently prepared delectable dishes are Urojo soup, coconut bean soup, chapatti, coconut milk curry, and delicious Zanzibar pizza. The cost of this thrilling adventure is simply $20 per participant 

Swimming in clean and crystal clear water.

Visitors to Kuza Cave can also enjoy the thrilling pastime of swimming in pure, clear water. For a mere $10, you will traverse a dull bridge before descending through a gloomy and utterly unwelcoming area to reach a brightly lit cave. You are free to swim here for as long as you wish while taking in the breathtaking surroundings, Kuza Cave safari in Tanzania

Drumming lessons.

In the vicinity of Kuza Cave, visitors may also take drumming and singing lessons. For 45 to 60 minutes, they can sing about Swahili customs and culture with local musicians. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced drummer, your dreams will come true on this voyage, which you will wish to never finish.

Visits to the Kuza Cave Cultural Center

Additionally, you can visit the Kuza Cave Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization that collaborates closely with the local communities in the Jambani area to support their initiatives, including those that empower women, build nursery schools, protect local wildlife, feed school-age children, offer employment opportunities, and promote culture through workshops.

Wishing Rituals, traditional medicines, healers’ tours, traditional massages, Swahili nights, exhilarating traditional dances, and henna are among the other must-do things in and around Kuza Cave.

Kuza Cave
Kuza Cave

Best time to visit Kuza Cave.

While reservations are necessary for certain safari activities, such as cooking classes in Swahili, tours of the Kuza Cave Cultural Centre, and drumming sessions, the Cave of Kuza is open to visitors year-round. The hours that the Caves are open are from 8:00 to 18:00. Since most tourists avoid March, April, May, October, and November because they are thought to be rainy or damp, you will have the cave to yourself if you come during these months.

Where should I stay when visiting Kuza Cave?

On a safari there are various accommodation facilities for visitors who visit Kuza cave, as these are categorized into budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodations. These include Fun Beach Hotel, Amani Boutique Hotel, Mwezi Boutique Resort, La Luna Suits Apartment, Shanuo Beach Bungalows, Hekaya Zanzibar, Zanzibar White Sands Luxury Villas & Spa, Breezes Beach Club & Spa, Karafuu Beach Hotel, and Isaraya Luxury over Water Villas are just a few of the hotels in the area that are ideal for travelers who want to explore Kuza Cave. 

As an alternative, guests can stay at any other hotels or resorts on Zanzibar Island (Unguja) and then travel to the Kuza Caves. Even though these are not close to Kuza Caves, we nevertheless recommend staying at the above-mentioned hotels since they are conveniently located.

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