Kenya’s breathtaking northern destination : One of the easiest and most wildlife-rich nations to consider for a safari vacation is Kenya. Of course, there are many more wonderful African nations to see; nonetheless, Kenya is an excellent location to start. The unique Gerenuk, with its unusual and very elongated neck, perfectly designed to reach the fresh buds of plants within trees the normal grazers cannot reach, and the Grevy’s zebra, a larger, more mule-like version of the common zebra with thinner stripes that stop on their tummies, are just two examples of the diverse array of animals found in the beautiful Samburu region in the north of Kenya majorly in Samburu National Reserve, which can be sighted during game driving safari experience, guided nature walks and many others.

The best locations to stay in this area are Saruni Samburu, a gorgeous lodge with big rooms and interiors evocative of the region it is located in, perched high on one of the unique Kopjes overlooking the Samburu. The cultural experiences offered here are just amazing. Not only are your guides members of the Samburu tribe, but they also have a wicked sense of humour and are dressed in elaborate and distinctive headpieces. This is where you experience the gorgeous ever on a Kenya safari with unforgettable safari experience.

Sasaab Lodge is another second favorite place to stay on your northern Kenya safari. It offers an overall sense of luxuriousness with touches of Moroccan and Arabic interior design mixed with African cultural elements. Enjoy a camel ride towards your sundowner and quad biking down the dried-up riverbed (season dependent). You also get to ask direct questions about the prides that the local Lion researchers watch by following them. We can guarantee that after your time in the Samburu, your head will be filled with fascinating new information.

You can also enjoy some time in the nearby Samburu villages, where the people are always happy to show you how their culture differs from others. They are wonderful people and genuinely fascinating. Interacting with the Samburu people in northern Kenya is the most wonderful experience on a Kenya safari.

Kenya's breathtaking northern destination
Samburu National Reserve

Travelling much farther south will bring you to Lewa, which is renowned for being among the top locations for rhino conservation and research initiatives. One of the more opulent locations to stay is Sirikoi, which offers a few larger cottages ideal for families or groups of friends in addition to exquisitely built tented apartments.

Not to mention a gorgeous central space with cosy chairs to sink into and a big fireplace to warm you up on chilly nights. In addition to the amazing food, Sirikoi takes great pride in its on-site garden and vegetable patch, which is much more than simply a patch. The head gardener, in particular, is quite knowledgeable about the hybrid fruits he is experimenting with.

Later you can travel to the Maasai Mara and Amboseli in the east, where you may encounter the marsh giants and learn about the zebra and wildebeest migration that brings thousands of animals to the mara each year.

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