How to get to Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park : Ruaha national park is the largest national park in Tanzania covering an area of 20,226 square kilometers, the park is one of the excellent Tanzania wildlife safaris hosting a huge ecosystem consisting of flora and fauna. Ruaha national park is found in the most remote area of Tanzania in South-Central Tanzania, the park is situated in the East of the Great rift valley and lies in a distance of 445 kilometers from Julius Nyerere International Airport.

Ruaha national park is rich with various tourist attractions including wildlife, birdlife, beautiful vegetation, rivers, natural springs and scenic landscape. The landscape of Ruaha national park is composed of undulating hills such as Kilimamatonge, Nyamasombe, Nyanya, Chariwindwi, Igawira, Mwayiui, Kibiriti, Magangwe, rocky escarpments, the Great Ruaha river, Usangu plains and dotted with African Baobab trees.

Ruaha national park is rich with a variety of wildlife including mammals and reptiles, mammals include lion, cheetahs, elephants, topi, southern and Bohor reedbucks, grant’s gazelles, roan antelopes, hartebeests, Topis, Lichtenstein’s hartebeests, sable antelopes, zebras, elands, wild dogs, leopards, bat-eared foxes and reptiles include crocodiles, poisonous  and non poisonous snakes, monitor lizards and agama lizards.

The park is a Tanzania Important Birding Area (IBA) hosting over 574 bird species including resident and migratory bird species and these include Spur-winged goose, African fish eagle, Ashy starling, Black-bellied bustard, Collared palm-thrush, Crested barbet, Eleonora’s falcon, Emerald-spotted wood dove, Goliath heron, Long-crested eagle, Namaqua dove among others.

Ruaha park as an excellent Tanzania safari destination offers an number of safari activities such as game viewing, birding and walking safaris.

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How to get to Ruaha national park

Most of the safaris to Ruaha national park usually start from Dar es Salaam which hosts the main entry into Tanzania that is the Julius Nyerere International Airport, while on a Tanzania safari to Ruaha national park, normally you are picked from the airport upon arrival in case you booked with a tour operator. And if you are on a safari planned by yourself you figure out the way from the airport which is a bit tricky that is why you are advised to book with a safari company most preferably Focus East Africa Tours.

From Julius Nyerere International airport, there are two ways which can be used to get to Ruaha national park that is road and air means of transport.

Note: keep in mind that the park is situated in the most remote area of Tanzania when compared to other national parks. And because of the location, expect to spend a number of hours on way most especially when using road transport.

How to get to Ruaha National Park

 Road Transport to Ruaha national park

From Dar es Salaam, the park lies in a distance of 448 kilometers which is approximately 10 hours of driving on a bumpy dusty road. Both private and public means of transport are available in Dar es Salaam. When using road transport means to get to the park , there are a number of options to choose from, you can either choose to use private bus or taxis, hire your own vehicle from car hires or use a private Van or Land cruiser provided the tour operator company you booked with.

Note: it is very easier to get to Ruaha national park when you have booked with a tour operator since you are very unfamiliar with Tanzania as a traveler.

Ruaha National Park is accessed by road form Mikumi national park and the park lies in a distance of about 320 kilometers which is a drive of 5 hours.

Getting to the park by road is very stressful but very rewarding as you get to enjoy various views of Tanzania’s landscapes and local people going on with their normal life.

How to get to Ruaha National Park

Air transport to Ruaha national park

Air transport is the easiest way to get to the national park, there chartered or scheduled domestic flights used to get to the park, chartered or domestic flights are offered from Dar es Salaam to 2 airstrips serving the park. Ruaha national park is served by 2 airstrips that are Msembe airstrip and Jongomero airstrip, flights to Ruaha national park are offered by many domestic carriers such as Air Tanzania, Precision Air, Regional Air, ZanAir, Safari Air Link and Coastal Aviation.

Note: when flying to Ruaha national park you are required to present your personal information such as valid passport, Visa and other requirements needed at the point of entry.

While on a Tanzania safari in Ruaha national park it is highly advised to use a tour operator and incase FOCUS EAST AFRICA TOURS is your best option.

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