How hard is it to climb Mount Kenya? Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa with three main peaks and the two larger peaks of Batian at 5,199 m and Nelion at 5,188 m and they are both technical climbs. The third peak that is point Lenana at 4,985 m is a trekking peak and it is a challenge most especially to individuals who are new to trekking, camping and altitude you may struggle. However with the correct preparation and a good guide team, the climb will be successful.

If you regularly trek in hills and mountains, you will then be equipped to climb Mount Kenya. However you shouldn’t underestimate Mount Kenya climb as most people who have climbed both Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro known that the landscape and the summit routes are more challenging on Mount Kenya. Climbers are advised to have the correct equipments, eat well and have a lot of fluids so that by the time you reach the higher camps, you will be well acclimatized to the lower levels of oxygen in the air, hydrated and full of energy ready for the summit.

How long does it take to climb Mount Kenya?

Climbing Mount Kenya ranges from 3 days climb to 5 days of climb on the shorter options and 6 days for longer climbs on remote Burguret route and summit circuit.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Kenya?

The cost to climb Mount Kenya varies depending on the Mount Kenya routes and the accommodation that you plan to use, camping rather than using the huts at various camps is the cheaper option on a western ascent and decent, either on the Naro Moru route, Sirimon route or a mix of both a west to east traverse is a little more expensive as you need to use 4X4 vehicles to get off/on to the Mountain on the Chogoria route

How Hard is it to Climb Mount Kenya?

 The technical ascent of Nelion or Batian require good technical climbing experience, however Point Lenana can be climbed by most people. You just need to have good general fitness and the correct mount climbing equipments, read about health and altitude in the mountains very well, and acclimatizing safety and Mount Kenya climbing advice.

What equipments do you need to climb Mount Kenya?

For amazing Mount Kenya climbing experience, you need the right packing list.

  • Waterproof jackets
  • Sleeping bags, trekking poles
  • Well – fitting hiking shoes
  • Personal care – Suncream, anti-malarials, small 1st aid kit, wash kit, Sunglasses, Some favourite snack bars, Head torch with spare batteries, Power pack for charging phones, Wash kit, Papers – passport, money, insurance, 2 water bottles – (hard plastic, not disposable bottles), Flask for hot drinks – useful on summit night (optional), Earplugs Wet wipes, tissues, Anti-bacterial hand gel
  • Extremities – gloves, warm hat and sunhat

    How hard is it to climb Mount Kenya?
    Hiking Mount Kenya

When is the best time to climb Mount Kenya?

Climbing Mount Kenya can be done all year round though it is advised to avoid trekking in the rainy season months that is mid-March to mid – May and October and November, however it is getting increasingly difficult to predict the rains so if you have no alternative. However if you have no alternative but to climb in these months then do not let the rains hold you back, the rains tend to fall after lunch on the mountain and in heavy rains, the trekking is avoided.

Getting to Mount Kenya from Nairobi?

There are several options to get to Mount Kenya, most people will ascend on the western side and you can get a public matatus from Nairobi directly to Naro Moru/Nanyuki, this is the cheapest option. You can also use private transfers from anywhere in Nairobi.

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