Hotels In Aberdare National Park  : Aberdare National park is located within Nyeri in the Aberdare mountain rangers of Kenya and tourists who opt to travel to visit this national park on their safari are always welcomed with spectacular views of the splendid waterfalls, moorland, forested ravines, with a cool environment, which is surrounded with a green lush vegetation. More so, this national park is one of the best destinations one could ever travel to while on your adventurous safari in Kenya because it is a home to the big five animals such as; lions, leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and buffalos among others. Aberdare National park was established as a national park in 1950 with a main purpose of protecting all the mountain ranges and all the wildlife species which are considered as one of the top tourist attractions in the park and this park covers a total surface area of about 766 kilometers and it is easily accessed due to the fact that it is situated about 100 kilometers with in the North away from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya. Exploring around this game always grants individuals with opportunities to participate in many interesting activities such as; Bird watching because it is seen as a home to over 209 bird species, guided nature walks, fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, community visits and many others.

Where to stay in Aberdare National park.

Aberdare National park has so many accommodation facilities, which are always available for the guests. However, these lodging facilities are put in different ranges and classes for example; they range from mid-range, budget and luxury hence giving a chance to guests to choose where to stay according their preferences and where it matches with their budget. Therefore some of these safari lodges include;

Serena Mountain Lodge.

Serena Mountain Lodge is one of the best lodges found within the park and it is located a few meters of about 2,194 meters on the slopes of Mount Kenya. And this is a unique safari lodge which is surrounded by dense rain forest hence giving a chance to guests to wake up to beautiful melodies of the birds singing. More so, this lodge is situated near the water’s edge, which allows visitors to capture classic views of many wildlife species as they are spotted quenching their thirst. Serena Mountain lodge always offer its guests with many facilities such as; free breakfast which is usually served within the rooms, free parking for individuals who come along driving their personal cars, gift shop where they are free to buy any of their essentials that they could need, laundry and ironing services, baggage storage, free WI-FI which enables guests to keep clear communications with their people at home, good restaurant which has well experienced chefs and well trained chefs who offer the guests with delicious meals for lunch and dinner and many others.

Hotels In Aberdare National Park
Serena Mountain Lodge

Fairmont Hotel.

Fairmont Hotel is one of the best Kenya Safari club resorts, which has around 110 luxurious rooms, and villas that are always available for the guests who choose to have their stay. This hotel covers a total surface area of about 100 acres and it is surrounded with gardens where visitors can get comfortable as they relax while enjoying the calm environment and fresh air. In addition, for guests staying at this lodge can get opportunities to engage in many activities during their free time if interested such as; golfing, horse riding, bush dining, visit the animal orphanage and many others.

Maxoil Hotel.

Maxoil Hotel is located about 24 kilometers from Mount Kenya in Nanyuki. In addition, the rooms at this lodge contain an en-suite bathroom, which has both warm and cold showers, flushing toilet with free toiletries, flat screen, and balcony, seating area, safety deposit box, bed linen and towels. More so, they offer the guests with facilities and services like; free WI-FI which enables them to maintain clear communications with their people back at home, a 24 hour tight security, airport transfers, good restaurant, free parking and many others.

More so, there are so many other safari lodges where tourists who spend their day exploring within Aberdare national park can opt to have their stay as they rest and relax. And some of these include; Aberdare country club which has around 48 rooms,  Castle forest safari lodge, Fk resort spa which is located in Karatina, white Rhino hotel which is located in Nyeri and about 1.5 kilometers away from Baden-powell museum, Ibis hotel which was constructed in 1920’s found within Nyeri along Kanisa road and many others.

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