Horseback Safaris in Uganda : Horseback safaris in Uganda are an ideal Uganda safari experience for travelers who wish to experience nature and wilderness in the most eco-friendly way, that is on the back of a horse.

In Uganda, horseback safaris are done in different located offering visitors a chance to see wildlife and enjoy scenic views and get up close and personal with wild animals which is not possible on a typical safari game drive.  Horseback safari involves riding through breathtaking scenery and appreciate nature as well.

Here are the destinations where you can have a horseback safari in Uganda

 Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Uganda located close to Kampala – the capital city of Uganda, horseback riding is the best way to explore and enjoy the beauty of the park.

This eco-friendly activity is offered by Mihingo Lodge, this exceptional activity should not be missed on a Uganda safari in Lake Mburo National Park. The rides take through the savannah vegetation of the park exploring the different areas of the park, from the back of the horse, visitors can see various attractions such as Lake Mburo, wetlands and the local communities.

Horseback safaris ride in Lake Mburo National Park last about 30 minutes to 4 hours of enjoying the remarkable views of the scenery and various wildlife as they graze in the savannah vegetation.

Horseback Safaris in Uganda
Horseback Safaris in Uganda

On each horseback safari ride trip in Lake Mburo National Park, a maximum of 6 people is allowed per ride providing visitors an excellent opportunity to explore the park and enjoy the wilderness as a group, friends or as family.

Some of the animals to lookout for during horseback ride include impalas, common eland, oribis, Africa buffaloes, leopards, waterbucks, warthogs, giraffes among others.

Horse riding at the Source of the Nile in Jinja

Source of the Nile in Jinja is another great destination to do horseback safaris, horseback rides can be done as a group or as an individual. The rids begin at the source of the Nile and proceeds through various tea plantations and communities.

Riding a horse along the banks of River Nile – the world’s longest river is awe – inspiring experience, the ride can last for an hour, two or three hours depending on the package you choose.

Horseback riding at the Source of the Nile can be done both in the morning and afternoon, there is also an option of enjoying the safari by simply walking for about an hour with the horse. This is more preferred to riding the horse because you get to explore more while on foot, you get to take your time to relax and if you have children. It gives you enough time to share this experience with them while enjoying the breeze of River Nile and the Scenery.

Horseback Riding in Kampala  

Horseback safaris are also available and done I and around Kampala, these horses are well – trained, healthy, well- maintained and gentle especially with the first-time riders.

There are a variety of horse – riding packages including pony rides for children, one hour rides and private, shared and group lessons, Each of these packages is offered at a reasonable price.

Tips for Horseback Riding

  • Wear the right horse- riding equipment correctly
  • When mounting the horse, be confident
  • Avoid sprawling, relax and sit up right
  • Make sure you are not holding the saddle horn
  • Focus while riding the horse
  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Always know that you are in command not the horse
  • Always keep the reins loose and gentle

Horseback safaris in Uganda does not require any skills or experience, this is because the horseback safari teams first provide basic skill training before beginning the activity particularly for the first-time riders.

This includes giving you a few tips on how to control the horse according to its pace, the horses have been trained and they are always very sensitive to want you want them to do for a safe and calm ride experience.

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