Hiking safaris in Kenya: Are you an adventurous travelers who wishes to take on a hiking safari in Kenya? This article brings you the most adventurous hiking trails in Kenya which offer hikers with a memorable and astonishing encounter with nature and all that thrill within. Imagine yourself at the summit of the mountain, this is the most incredible and enchanting experience any hiker would wish to fulfill. However, hiking is not only about climbing mountains, No, there is more to hiking safaris than just climbing a mountain. Taking a walk in the bush, strolling, trekking and many more are all termed as hiking in today’s tourism industry.

Hiking safaris in Kenya can be a 1 day adventure, 2 days and more depending on what exactly a tourist wants as we are always ready to offer our clients exactly what they need for a memorable hiking experience.

While planning your hiking safari in Kenya especially for mountain hiking, tourists are advised to make adequate preparations and planning as a better planned trip is the most successfully one and most enjoyable. For the case of hiking safari, it really requires accurate planning. Ensure that you are aware of your health conditions since hiking especially for high elevations require a particular health fulfilments. Thus, you need to be mentally and physically fit to endure the challenges associated with mountain hiking/ climbing. About the hiking attire, hikers are advisers to wear appropriate hiking gears including light yet waterproof hiking shoes/ boots, light clothes however you a well need to pack warm clothes, you never know when you will require them since the higher you go, the cooler it becomes. Carry along a scarf, sun glasses, wear garden gloves, a cap. For the hikers who intent to spend overnight, there is a need to pack sleeping equipment including a sleeping bag, blanket, sheet and anything else you might require during the hiking safari in Kenya. Other items you need for your hiking safari in Kenya include an insect repellant, first aid kit, enough snacks and drinking water.

For those who intend to hike up mountains in Kenya, it is always advisable to book their safaris for the dry seasons. Kenya has 2 dry seasons including from December, January, February to March and another season that covers months of July, August, September, and early October. These are the best seasons when all the hiking trails are dry and easily passable unlike in wet seasons when the hiking trails are all muddy and slippery. Some of the mountains to hike in Kenya include; Mount Elgon, Mount Kenya, Aberdare mountain ranges. There is a possibility to enjoy a 1 day walk or many days depending on the trail hikers wish to take. For those who will to hike up the Kenya’s bigger mountains are supposed to ensure that they get in touch with both the Mountain Club of Kenya and the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) which is a body responsible for the management of all the protected parks in Kenya and yes all these mountains thrills in Kenya’s national parks thus KWS is responsible for all the activities conducted in these parks including hiking safaris. Getting in touch in time will help hikers to obtain relevant information about the mountain intended to be hiked including the nature of  accommodation along the hike, the dos and don’ts during the hike, and many more.

Hiking safaris in Kenya
Hiking Mount Kenya

Below are some of the best hiking trails in Kenya;

You could probably be asking yourself about which trail to take for your everlasting hiking safari experience in Kenya. Well, relax, I have gathered the information about the best trails to choose from and ensure that you have the best experience ever in Kenya.

Satima Peak: Also known as the Ol Doinyo Le Satima is such a beautiful mountain to hike while on your Kenya hiking safari. Mount Satima is located in Aberdare national park and is part of the Aberdare mountain ranges standing at 4,001M making it the 3rd highest mountain Peak in Kenya after Mount Kenya which is the highest in Kenya standing at 5,199 M and Mount Elgon at 4,302M. A hike to the summit of Mount Satima is one of the most rewarding hiking trail one could ever choose in Kenya. The trail takes hikers through the rift valley escarpments, hills, and different vegetation cover with unique fauna and flora species which all offer an everlasting experience. Mount Satima Hike takes about 7 hours to make a round circuit of 14 km and it is one of the best 1 day hiking safaris to enjoy from Nairobi.

Nthenge Njeru Falls Hike: Nthenge Njeru waterfall trail is such a beautiful hiking trail to enjoy during your Kenya hiking safari. These waterfalls are found in Embu County. This Nthenge Njeru Falls trail is an 8km trail that takes hikers through the tea farms to the hill and finally descent to the Nthenge Njeru waterfalls.  The entire adventure is breath-taking and enjoyable. You may choose to go as a group of friends, family or many more. Expect the experience to be remarkable. The entire Nthenge waterfall trail takes about 5 hours to make around trip making it one of the moderate trails to enjoy for those who have limited time on a safari. All you require for this hike is a pair of waterproof hiking shoes/ boots, enough drinking water, a rain jacket for incase it rains at any given period of time during your hike and finally snacks.

Homa Hills hike: Kenya is blessed with abundant of hiking trails and Homa Hills is one of them. Homa hills thrill in Homa County and they are 6 kilometers long from the base to the summit. Homa hills are located along Mainuga beach and homa line. There are 3 main peaks of Homa hills include Homa peak which is the highest of all elevated at 1581M above the sea level, Nyasanga peak and Apoyo peak. A hike to Homa hills enables tourist to enjoy fascinating view of various attractions ranging from the hot springs which are the major reason for this hike.

Mount Kwitutu: Mount Kwitutu is another fascinating trail to hike during your Kenya hiking safari. Mount Kwitutu stands tall at 1,635M above the sea level and the hikers are rewarded with the visit to the Kwitone Rock Art site which is the major reason for hiking up this mountain. Some people refer this mount Kwitutu as Mount Kwitone because of these Kwitone rock. These rocks are known from way back in the day s of wars where people would visit the rocks to seek their ancestors for peace. This mount Kwituti is found in Kajiado County.

Ngong Hills: Ngong Hills as well offer breath taking hiking trails in Kajiado County. Ngong hills are beautiful attractions in Kenya offering hikers with a memorable experience as they view the beauty that thrills with in the rift valley region of Kenya, the Kapiti Plains and many other adventurous attractions that are seen during the hike include abundant of wildlife species depending on the season.

Ol Doinyo Orok: A hike to this Ol Doinyo Orok is such an adventurous hiking safari enjoyed in Kenya. This is situated at Namanga boarder that is shared by Kenya and Tanzania. Ol Doinyo Orok is as well known as Namanga hill. This hiking trail takes hiker through the montane forest, stunning flora species, caves, and proceed to get to the summit. During the hike, hikers are rewarded with stunning and scenic views of different fauna and flora species, the caves, rivers and the Maasai Bomas. The entire trail to the Enkamuka peak can be accomplished in about 7 hours for a round circuit.

Hiking safaris in Kenya
Hiking Mount Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro hiking trails: You could be wondering as to why we included Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya. The reason is that Mount Kilimanjaro is situated just in border of Kenya within the neighboring country Tanzania standing at an elevation of about 5,895M above the sea level making it the highest free standing mountain on African continent. However, it is important to note that Mount Kilimanjaro can never be hiked from the Kenyan side though tourists can take a hike to the observation hill in Amboseli national park to have stunning view of this Mount Kilimanjaro provided the weather permits the viewing. So I brought in this mount because it can as well be seen from Kenya’s Amboseli national park.

Other Hiking safaris in Kenya include; the forest trail of  Gatamaiyu Camp, a 4 km Kamuruana Hill trail, Kanzalu Hill trail, Lukenya Hills trail, Kiima Kimwe hiking trail, Nzaui Hill trail, Kijabe Hill trail, Ragia Forest Trail, Elephant Hill trail, Rurimeria Hill Trail, Njigari Forest Hike and many more.

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