Gorilla Habituation Experience In Uganda – Spend more time with the Gorillas : The gorilla habituation safari experience doesn’t have a clear definition as of now. However, it can simply be described as the process of acclimating wild gorillas to human sight.  Various groups of people, including trackers, conservationists, trackers, researchers, and rangers, among others, participate in this habituation safari experience over the course of two to three years. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is offering it as a learning opportunity that has just lately solidified into a regular safari activity on a small scale. Bookings for this type of  the safari activity must be made six months in advance of the habituation day, namely during the months of December through to March and July through to October. This experience only allows a maximum of four people per day. Mountain gorilla accustomability

Gorilla Habituation permits a person to spend four hours with the gorillas, as opposed to gorilla trekking, which only allows for an hour of connection. Additionally, the cost is a little higher-$1500 for each individual who needs to participate in the Habituation safari experience, compared to US$700 for gorilla tracking.

Only inside the Ugandan boundaries at the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park can one find this type of the safari experience because it is hardly ever encountered in either Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nearly 23 habituated Uganda gorilla safari groups can be found here, including the Habinyanja, Rushegura, and Mubare gorilla groups, which can be located at Buhoma in the park’s north and Mishaya, Bweza, Nshonji, Kahungye, Busingye, and the Nkuringo gorilla group at Rushaga in the south. The Oruzogo, Kyaguriro, and Bitukura gorilla groups are located far out in the East near Ruhija. Only two of these groups-at Nkuringo and Rushaga-were chosen as the gorilla families that could be accustomed to humans. The people learn more about the gorillas during this process, including who they are as individuals, their behaviours, and even their names. Finally, if the researchers are confident that the wild gorillas are comfortable with human presence, a fake exercise is conducted to verify their claims. The gorilla troop is then open for trekking once the gorillas have successfully completed this type of training, which now includes media and scientists.

Gorilla Habituation Experience In Uganda
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

Gorilla habituation process in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park.


Gorilla habituation process starts at the park headquarters where they give you the rules and regulations to consider while carrying out the gorilla habituation.

After they divide you into the different groups with the presence of the scientists, researchers, conservationists, park rangers and others, and these allocate you into the different trails that takes you to the habituated gorillas. Along the way you will be impressed with the presence of the biodiversity that is found in the jungle like the different bird species, animal species, and plant species. And once the habituated gorillas are found you can be given a period of 4 hours with the presence of the gorillas, while watching their behaviors, feeding ways, playing, grooming, and many others. This is the period when you take them pictures, recording their videos and among others.

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