Family safari and Beach Holiday in Tanzania : Undoubtedly, a family safari in Tanzania offers an abundance of safari experiences that make it a very unforgettable vacation for both adults and kids. You’re likely to witness an incredible number of wildlife on a Tanzania wildlife safari due to the sheer concentration of animals dispersed throughout the nation, including an incredible variety of birds. Adventures include the great “race of survival,” the wildebeest migration in the northern circuit, which is an amazing sight to behold, and the search for Africa’s Big Five, which may be seen in wildlife hotspots like Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. 

The best months to go are July through October if you want to have a family-friendly wildlife safari experience. Tanzania’s dry season, just a few waterholes remain for the wildlife to drink, making it simpler to see animals as they congregate around permanent waterholes. The vegetation and water sources throughout the wildlife reserves dry up at this time of year.

Several of our beach and wildlife safaris that are suitable for families are featured in our Tanzania safari travel guide. 

Tanzania Northern Circuit Family Safaris.

Experience some of Tanzania’s greatest safari adventures by travelling through the country’s northern circuit. Here, you can see the largest wildebeest herds during their yearly migration through the heart of the Serengeti National Park, marvel at the sight of lions climbing trees at Lake Manyara, keep an eye out for the amazing big five in the Ngorongoro Crater, and see enormous herds of elephants in Tarangire National Park.

Additional experiences include a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti National Park and the chance to witness the birth of a wildebeest in the Ndutu region a region where lions lurk while the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area a hidden gem in the western Kilimanjaro region offers visitors a chance to learn more about Maasai culture and wildlife. There is an amazing variety of birds in all of the northern circuit parks, including water birds like the graceful pelicans and gorgeous flamingos. 

Tanzania Southern Circuit Family Safaris.

The largest game reserve in Africa, the 55,500 sq. km Selous Game Reserve, is located in Tanzania’s less-traveled southern safari circuit. On a selous safari, guests can explore the park and witness lion prides, hippos lazing in the water, and herds of elephants and zebras. 

Children can enjoy a very exciting safari at the less well-known national parks on Tanzania’s southern circuit, Mikumi and Ruaha National Parks, which receive less people. While Mikumi National Park, renowned for its picturesque terrain, is an excellent place to go bird watching, Ruaha National Park provides a wealth of experiences, such as trekking and walking safaris. The three birds that are most frequently spotted in Mikumi are the saddle-billed stork, cattle egret, and black-bellied bustard. 

Chemka Hot Springs Safari.

A great family friendly one day vacation to swim in crystal-clear water is available at Chemka Hot Springs. Chemka Hot Springs, also called Maji Moto or Kikuletwa Hot springs locally, is a breathtaking geothermal spring that provides a haven in Tanzania’s vast savannahs. Spend a carefree day eating a delectable lunch, swinging on a rope swing, and swimming in the pristine seas. As you travel through the villages, marketplaces, and farms on your journey to Chemka, you will have the chance to learn more about the everyday lives of the people living there.

Family safari and Beach Holiday in Tanzania
Chemka Hot Springs Safari.

Materuni Waterfalls Safari.

Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania is only a short walk away from Waterfalls, a picturesque and peaceful location. Even with small children, the somewhat muddy path to the park is pretty tolerable. Travellers passing through Materuni village, home of the Bantu Chagga Tribe, will arrive at the Materuni waterfalls.

Not only are the luxuriantly verdant waterfalls breathtaking to behold, but guests may also enjoy swimming in the pristine waters. In the middle of Tanzania’s safari experiences, the Materuni Waterfalls provide a wonderful experience ideal for families looking to spoil their children with a little piece of heaven. 

Tanzania Camping Safaris.

On a family vacation, visitors can tent beneath Tanzania’s starry sky and wake up in the stunning natural areas. Savour the sensation of sleeping beneath a canvas canopy while admiring the breathtaking dawns and natural noises of the forest. Safari tour companies provide camping packages that allow guests to explore Tanzania main national parks.

Return to your campsites, which are frequently in stunning settings and are situated in the centre of these national parks, at the conclusion of each day. For instance, a Ngorongoro campsite could be found right on the edge of the well-known Ngorongoro Crater, offering tourists a clear view of the vibrant nightlife as the sun sets over the enormous caldera. 

Beach Holidays in Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Island Exploration.

There’s nothing better than experiencing the top attractions of the stunning Zanzibar Islands following a safari, including the historically significant Stone Town, lush island forests, sunny sandy beaches, and spice farms. Without going snorkeling in the pristine waters filled with diverse marine life which occasionally includes dolphins and turtles a trip to Zanzibar Island wouldn’t be complete.

Enjoy a guided stroll through the breathtaking Jozani Forest, which is home to a wide range of amazing bird species, red colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, and two small antelope species that are unique to Zanzibar: the duiker and the Sunni. Although they are native to the Seychelles islands, enormous Aldabra tortoises have an isolated colony on Changuu Island. Historical sites including Kidichi Persian Baths, Livingstone House, and Beit al-Ajaib in Zanzibar are reminders of a bygone period. 

Walking Safari.

The mainstay of African culture tours is the walking safari, which allows you to observe native life. You will travel through the centre of Zanzibar communities, including Koani, Mchangani, and Nungwi, on this walking safari. Taste regional specialties, discover customary cuisine, see a Zanzibar dhow (lateen-rigged ship) construction site, and see the location of well-known Zanzibar door craftsmanship.

You might get the opportunity to visit the Kizimbani plantation, a spice farm where you can learn how to gather local fruits and spices, as part of your walking tour. Explore Stone Town, a mediaeval UNESCO World Heritage Site with intriguing small lanes, and stop by the Kidichi Persian Baths, a relic of a traditional bath house. 

Dolphin Safari.

The serene sandy beaches and stunning scenery of the Zanzibar Islands make it a haven for aquatic life. After spending several days in Tanzania’s well-known national parks, tourists can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery on Zanzibar Island. Menai Bay and Kizimkazi Beach are the two locations on Zanzibar Island that safari tours often concentrate on. Experience unforgettable family-friendly adventures at Kizimkazi beach, where guests can swim with bottle-nose and spinner dolphins and go boating and snorkeling.

The finest months to go dolphin watching in Zanzibar are January through February and June through October. These are the dry months when there’s the best chance of seeing the breathtaking views of playful dolphins.

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