Distance from Arusha to Ngorongoro crater : Also known as Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area is one of the best Tanzania safari destinations found in the Northern Tanzania Safari circuit. Continue reading this article to know the distance from Arusha to Ngorongoro Crater.

Ngorongoro Crater is a World Heritage Site located in Northern Tanzania as well as the largest intact and unfilled caldera in the world, the crater is the main attraction in Ngorongoro Conservation Area featuring a depth of 2,000 feet and width of 260 square kilometers.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is crowned as “The Eden of Africa” hosting million of wildlife including large concentrations of cheetahs and lions, other animals living in the crater spanning 8,292 square kilometers include giant tusked elephants, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, African wild dogs, servals, caracals, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and many more. Birds in include ostrich, kori bustards, crowned cranes, secretary birds, Jackson’s widow birds among others.

  Arusha City is the major tourist hub in Tanzania situated in the North Eastern region of the country in the Arusha region, the city also lies below the magnificent Mount Meru on the eastern edge of the Eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley.

Arusha City is considered as the safari capital of the country and a starting point for safaris to the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit parks including Arusha National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Lake Manyara National Park as well as Lake Manyara National Park.

Most Ngorongoro safaris start from Arusha City which is a drive of approximately 191 kilometers west of Arusha, getting to Ngorongoro Crater from Arusha can be done either by road or by air.

Distance from Arusha to Ngorongoro crater
Ngorongoro Crater

By road

The Arusha Highway to Ngorongoro Crater is used and a 4×4 wheel vehicle is recommended.

By Air

There are both domestic and chartered flights from Arusha Airport to Ngorongoro Crater, as detailed below

Closet airports to Ngorongoro crater

Kilimanjaro International airport

Kilimanjaro International airport is the main getaway for safaris to Tanzania, the airport is also an international airport located in the northern region of Tanzania in Hai District, Kilimanjaro.

The airport handles both international and regional flights in Tanzania and majorly serves Arusha City as well as Moshi, most of the international visitors handled by this airport are tourists visiting various Tanzania safari parks, Zanzibar as well as Lake Victoria.

From Kilimanjaro International Airport to Ngorongoro Crater, it is a distance of approximately 230 kilometers and a drive of approximately 5 hours.

Arusha airport

Arusha airport is domestic airport situated in Arusha City and a tourism hub in Tanzania where most safaris to the northern safari circuit start from, the airport handles domestic flights heading to various national parks of Tanzania including Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

From Arusha Airport, Ngorongoro Crater is at a distance of approximately 170 kilometers which is a drive of about 3 hours.

Airstrips serving Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro conservation is served by several of airstrips including Lake Ndutu airstrip and Manyara airstrip.

Lake Ndutu airstrip

Lake Ndutu airstrip is found in the southern area of Lake Ndutu in a short distance from the Ndutu ranger post of Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Manyara airstrip

Manyara airstrip is located inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Getting to Ngorongoro crater from other national parks

Ngorongoro crater is a very accessible safari destination from other Tanzania safari destinations such as Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park and many more. The accessibility of Ngorongoro crater makes it a very easy destination

From Maasai Mara national reserve

Maasai Mara national reserve found in Kenya is easy to combine with Ngorongoro Crater on a combined Kenya and Tanzania safari, from Masai Mara National Reserve it is a drive of about 5-6 hours of drive to Ngorongoro Crater. This drive takes you through the endless plains of Serengeti National Park

Distance from Arusha to Ngorongoro crater
Masai Mara National Park

From Serengeti national park

From Serengeti National Park situated in the Northern Safari Circuit of Tanzania, same as Ngorongoro Crater. The two amazing Tanzania safari destinations are situated close to each other which is why the are combined together for most Tanzania safaris from Serengeti National Park, it is a drive of about 1 hour and a half.

From Amboseli national park

Amboseli National Park is a scenic Kenya national park famous for its gorgeous backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa and its large herds of free ranging elephants.

From Amboseli National Park, it is a drive of about 6-7 hours to Ngorongoro Crater.

From Tarangire national park

Tarangire National Park is not only the 6th largest park in Tanzania, it is also the most scenic park in the country. Tarangire National Park is located in the Manyara region of Tanzania and from here to Tarangire National Park, it is approximately 180 kilometers – a drive of about 6 hours.

From Lake Manyara national park

Lake Manyara national park is also situated in the Manyara region in the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit, to get to Ngorongoro Crater it is a drive of approximately 1.5 hours of drive.

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