Dining out in the bush in Maasai Mara National Reserve  : Enjoy a dinner prepared just as it would have been served to early African explorers while taking in the continent’s expansive vistas. Everything tastes better outside, and this is especially true when you are eating in the middle of an African bush. Enjoy a breakfast in the open air while gazing out over a beautiful vista from the Oloololo Escarpment or the banks of the Mara River.

Alternatively, you can decide to eat outside while listening to live music or simply have dinner served by candlelight in a secluded area of the campgrounds.

There is nothing more exciting than eating in the bush, whether it is on the broad, open plains with panoramic views of the gorgeous habitat of the wild or close to the river’s bank with hippos grunting and jostling below.

Your every whim is catered to, and the African savanna setting for your table will provide a unique dining safari experience. Look up at the sky to see if you can spot any constellations or colourful wings flapping in the wind. Examine the surroundings and pay attention to the various bird calls, rustling sounds, and other background noises typical of the African bush. Enjoy the finest cuisine.

Dining out in the bush in Maasai Mara National Reserve : Bush Meals & Sundowners.

Eating among the untamed savannahs of Africa has a certain almost primitive appeal, especially if you choose Maasai Mara national Reserve where it’s likely that you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and impressive wildlife. Due of this, special lunches are a common activity while a safari in the Masai Mara, with specific alternatives.

Dining out in the bush in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Maasai Mara National Reserve

The meal itself is in the form of packed lunch boxes that are provided by your camp or lodge by prior arrangement the night before to allow them enough time to prepare the meal boxes. Picnic lunches are typically arranged during a full day game outing in the reserve so that one does not have to go back to the lodge or camp for lunch. The traditional dinner is straightforward but satisfying, but the frequently picturesque setting in the wild makes this a genuinely memorable supper. Instead of lunch in-restaurant, the majority of Maasai Mara lodges offer this meal at no additional expense.

Bush Breakfasts and Dinners: A more lavish meal, which, in the case of a Bush Dinner, might also be a separate event with entertainment like light music or tribal dance performances around a bonfire. In Maasai Mara, bush lunches are organized at specially designated locations that are typically found outside of but relatively close to the corresponding Lodges or Camps. Price ranges for these special meals fluctuate greatly, starting at USD 40 per person and going up to + USD 100 per person for more luxury bush feasts. Menus can range from multi-course gourmet cuisine to more casual bush BBQ meals.

Sundowners: Having your favorite drink in hand as you end a day on Kenya safari while enjoying the company of friends or loved ones and watching a beautiful sunset right before your eyes is a very special experience indeed. As a result, many upscale hotel properties in Maasai Mara now offer sundowners as either a standard part of your stay or as an add-on safari activity.

Bush meals in Maasai Mara can be planned for a range of group sizes, including couples planning a Maasai Mara honeymoon. They can also be tailored to meet special dietary needs like gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and even restricted vegetarian diets like the Jain diet in India, which forbids the use of onions or garlic. Although there aren’t many options for bush meals, lodges and campers provide more dietary options for in-house food. If you need specialized information about the food or dining in the Maasai Mara, get in touch with us.  Experience in a breathtaking natural setting that has been transformed into your own private dining room.

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