Crayfish camp is a mid -range accommodation found in the natural acacia  woodland  along Moi south lake road,18 km from Naivaisha town, 11km from Crescent island game park, short walk to Lake naivasha Kenya region. . The lodge is convenient and business friendly to travellers and tourists visiting Naivasha with breathtaking views of lake Naivasha , wilderness and other surrounding areas.  You can be at the camp by road transport taking approximately 2-3 hours’ drive from Nairobi city center to Naivasha town and 50 minutes to fly from Nairobi to the close Naivasha airstrip then few minutes to drive to the camp.

Crayfish camp is comprised of over 5 beautiful and comfortable rooms overlooking Lake Naivasha  and the lush acacia woodland reflecting traditional building blend building styles with modern comfort. There is campsite ground for camping lovers with tents for hire. Rooms are well decorated and furnished  with private en-suite facilities like; flushing toilets , hot and cold showers/bathtubs, Mosquito nets, hair driers, satellites , flat screen TVs , fire extinguisher, free toiletries, complementary bottled water and many more. Tents have siting areas, terraces and sun deck that gives a stunning view over Naivasha landscapes and surrounding areas.  Rooms are well equipped with excellent and comfortable beds with clean and washed beddings plus ceiling fans. Rooms VARY in different sizes with singles beds for individuals , doubles/twin beds for sharing as well as family rooms  with different costs ranging from 200$ and sometimes during  peak or high season rate goes slightly high than in low season.

 Crayfish camp offers more services and facilities which include;

 A restaurant in the main building that serves different meals both international and African- inspired meals that  meets guests choice. Meals include continental breakfast, lunch and dinners both in and outdoor dinners served by well trained, friendly and organized staff .

 A well-stocked  bar and  lounge with  variety of drinks , local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beers ,  you relax and sip the cocktail or monktail  while overlooking  the spectacular view of  lake Naivasha, natural beauty of the wilderness  and  the surrounding acacia trees.

Services include;  Free parking space available,  bottled water available  , offers airport pick -ups and drop-offs,  Laundry  and House- keeping services available ,

 WIFI hot spot internet available in the main building that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.

Crayfish camp
Crayfish camp

Recreational activities includes; boat riding at lake Naivasha, climbing rocks, football playing,  bike riding, and bird watching/ birding mention but a few all are available at lake Naivasha resort.

Naivasha  is the large town found in Nakuru  county Kenya , lying 93 KM Northwest of Nairobi. Lake  Naivasha is a freshwater lake in Kenya where its waters are shallow with average depth and it’s the part of the Great Rift valley since it’s the highest .  The lake is outside the town of Naivasha and its is surrounded by forest of yellow fever trees swamps and grasslands.  One can still stay in Naivasha and visit Nakuru since they are close towns.  Lake Nakuru  is situated in the southern part of Kenya and it is the rift valley soda lake covering 1,754 m above the sea level.  Lake Naivasha  offers a  variety  number of animals like; Impalas, antelopes, Buffaloes, Hippos, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, white rhinos, Girraffes, Leopard, enlands, baboon,  lions ,Zebra, Wild dogs etc and over 400 different bird species like;  starling birds, White pelican etc.  There are several accommodations in  Naivasha town  ; budget , mid range and luxury accommodations which are all friendly and convenient to guests visiting  lake  naivasha . There are different activities to do while in  Naivasha;  Game viewing, you spot various animals drinking water at the lake  , boat cruise at lake Naivasha , hot air ballooning, bird watching/birding since the park  contains more bird species,  nature walks in the park, flying safaris, cultural visit in the Community , visiting Makalia falls, horse riding in the park , Tree planting ,  and many more activities.  Jan , Feb ,March ,July ,September ,October and December are the best months to visit lake Naivasha

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