Cities in Kenya: Kenya is one of the countries in East Africa with vibrant cities that thrill with abundant of tourist attractions that can be visited at any given period of time all year round. There are only 3 cities, several municipalities and Towns in Kenya. These 3 cities in Kenya include Nairobi city, Mombasa City and Kisumu City.

  1. Nairobi city Kenya;

Nairobi is the best, largest and the capital city of Kenya with breath taking skyscrapers, beautiful urban culture, fun filled nights and lots of other stunning attractions that Making Nairobi city a place to visit during your next Kenya Safari Tour. The word Nairobi was obtained from a Maasai word “Enkare Nairobi” which literally means the cool waters that was basically referring to Nairobi River. As per 2019 census, Nairobi city is a home to over 4.3 Million people. Nairobi city is situated in the south central part of Kenya in Nairobi County and is recognized as the only Capital city  that has a National park called Nairobi national park that is a few minutes’ drive from the city center.

Nairobi national park is one of the Nairobi city’s most attraction for those who wish to encounter with different wildlife species as the park harbors animals like Lions, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Leopards, Black Rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, wildebeests and abundant of birdlife to mention but a few. Nairobi national park is as well the best place to visit for Camping and picnic, walking safaris, and many more making Nairobi city a green and beautiful city and as well a safari capital of the world since most of Kenya safaris can easily start with an excursion in Nairobi city of the largest cities in Africa that is growing at a faster rate. Nairobi city thrives with lots of attractions to remind you of the past and these include the Nairobi national museum, the Karen Blixen museum, the Bomas of Kenya to mention but a few. Other attractions in Nairobi include the Giraffe center, the Sheldrick wildlife trust center, the snake park, the Stedmark gardens and many more that can be visited during your Kenya safari. You may choose to have a half day adventure in Nairobi city, 1 full day, 2 days or even a week exploring the beauty in Nairobi city. Those planning to visit Nairobi city can easily land at Jomo Kenyatta international airport which is as well located in the city center. This is the only international airport in Nairobi city. The other international airport is in Mombasa. Thus it is very possible to land through Nairobi and depart through Mombasa and vice versa for those who wish to combine an adventure in 2 beautiful cities of Nairobi and Mombasa.

Cities in Kenya
Nairobi city
  1. Mombasa City Kenya;

Mombasa city on the other hand is situated in the south eastern part of Kenya in Mombasa County with a population of over 1.2Million people as of 2019 census. Mombasa city is a coastal city strategically positioned along the Indian Ocean and is one of the best place to visit for those who love beach excursions. Mombasa city is the oldest city in Kenya and as well the 2 largest after Nairobi city which takes the first position. Mombasa city is as well one of the best place that harbors lots of Kenya’s historical and memorable sites making it the top Kenya’s historical Centre including Fort Jesus, and many other stunning attractions of the city. For instance, if you wish to know more about the slave trade in Kenya, then a safari to Mombasa is all you need. Those who wish to visit the Spice Island, view different architectural designs of both Arabic and Swahili design, then Mombasa is the answer. Mombasa is blessed not only with the beautiful attractions but as well has an international airport known as Moi International airport and a sea port. Trust me, once you embark on your Kenya safari to Mombasa, you will never be disappointed. In fact the experience will be much beyond your expectations as you visit the beautiful beaches, watch marine wildlife, explore the beautiful stone town where you will have a blend of Urban and coastal cultures, sleep in the stunning luxurious accommodations and enjoy the sea food and without forgetting the calm ambiance of the area. All these create lasting memories both for young and old.  Basically Mombasa is an Island that can be easily connected to land by ferries and bridges.

  1. Kisumu City Kenya;

Just like Nairobi and Mombasa, there is yet Kisumu city which is situated along Lake Victoria, the biggest lake in Africa shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is as well the 2nd largest lake in the entire world after Lake Superior in the United States.   Kisumu city takes up the 3rd position just after Nairobi city and Mombasa city and it has population of less than 1 Million people as per the census done in 2019. The streets of Kisumu city shines bright with most of the structures made of the colonial architectural designs. The city thrills with abundant of attractions ranging from museum, wildlife sanctuary like the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary which is a best stopover for tourists that wish to have a closer look at the big cats like the Lions, Hyenas, Leopards and many other wildlife including baboons, bushbucks, duikers and many more plus abundant of birdlife. Other attractions in Kisumu include the Ruma National park situated in the Fishing Village. Tourists may choose to take a boat cruise along Lake Victoria with a possibility of the viewing the sunset.

Cities in Kenya
Kisumu City Kenya


With all these 3 mentioned attractions in the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, I conclude that Kenya is indeed a blessed country to visit either for wildlife safaris, cultural tours, beach excursions and many more. Kenya is very safe and there is no age-limit for visiting Kenya. We are always ready and available to respond to your inquiries. Get in touch today with our experienced tour consultants. You as well organize safaris to other neighboring countries including Uganda the pearl of Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda the land of a thousand hills and Democratic Republic of Congo. With us, the unbeatable experience is guaranteed.

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