Chyulu Hills national park accommodation is the best part which the travelers do consider during the preparing to do a Kenya safari Tour in Chyulu Hills National park, the accommodation in Chyulu Hills national park are divided into three options that cater for all the travelers’ budgets. The park has good number of the options for accommodation which are scattered across the park and its neighborhood. The Chyulu Hills national park has a good number of the lodges, camps found at the park, this has made the guests to flock at the park because of the available Chyulu Hills National park accommodation.

The Chyulu Hills National Park accommodation are monitored by the Kenya Wildlife Services for the quality service delivery, irrespective of the class but they all provide high class service delivery to the travelers hence attracting more tourists. The quality of the service given is the main factor that determines the traveler’s in Chyulu Hills national park safari experience. With this, we always have the rating tier that we treasure for ensuring that your dream Kenya tour is achieved with the most amazing accommodation. Here our team of experts always take initiative to visit all the lodges we use before contracting them to handle the guests, as this is our unique point where no other Kenya tour operators can beat us from making us the leading tour operator in the country. The selected accommodations have got enough skilled staff that provide quality services to the guests. The system used here at Chyulu hills national park for rating the accommodations is far exceeding most of the lodge rating system as the main aim is to give our guests the best Kenya safari experience. We use our guest’s reviews and the feedbacks to give us more required information like the service offered, quality food, the size of the rooms, washrooms and many more.

We have got the contracted lodges where we have negotiated the prices on behalf of the guests. The guests are always given the proper services even on the negotiated prices in Chyulu hills national park. The accommodations in Chyulu Hills national park are rated according to the stars such as 1 star to 5 stars. Where from 1 to stars are budget accommodations which are mostly dominated by the camps. The 3 to 4 stars are the mid-range lodges which are inform of the safari tents and the permanent lodges, then the 5 and above stars which reflects the high-end lodges sometimes known as the luxury lodges.

Budget Accommodations.

Budget accommodations are mostly camps which fall in the category of the 1 to 2 stars.

Chyulu Hills national park accommodation
Simba Maasai Camp

They are accommodations that are always having the smaller rooms, sharing the bathrooms, at times only having cold water in the showers. The budget accommodations are mostly liked by the students and the solo travelers. The budget accommodations are always good where on can experience true African wilderness as you calm night in the middle of the bush. The Budget accommodations usually have small restaurants, small bars and the camping fire station. The budget accommodations in Chyulu Hills national park includes Simba Maasai Camp, Manchester Bar and restaurant, Ol Donyo Lodge and many more.

Mid-range Accommodations.

Mid-range accommodations are the 3 to 4 star lodges found in Chyulu national park. These are the best and most recommended lodges not only in Chyulu Hills National Park but all the African protected areas. These value the money with the excellent services offered to the guests, these have bigger rooms than the budget accommodations, have both cold and hot water in the showers. They are permanent safari tented lodges some are built in the permanent cottages, the rooms in the mid-range range from the single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms and the family rooms. In the mid-range the accommodations, the tents have the private balconies where the guests can enjoy their privacy at the time of leisure or after along the time from the bush. The Mid-range accommodations in Chyulu Hills national park includes the Sunview lodge and restaurant, Ambokili lodges, Camp David Bar and Restaurant, Shushan palace and many more.

Luxury Accommodations.

The Luxury accommodations are the high-end lodges that are built on the international standards. They are called the 5 star and above lodges in Chyulu Hills national park, mostly they are built in the Western art and design.

Chyulu Hills national park accommodation
Paton Luxury resort

This gives the traveler the best of the best service delivery and which makes a guests to feel more than home. These give extra miles on the service delivery, well spacious rooms with minibars inside the room, ensuite bathrooms, free Wi-Fi in all parts of the lodge, swimming pools, well-stocked bar, massage and sauna rooms for the guests. Most of them are located strategically on the animal routes or high raised land where you can enjoy the clear views of the park at your own balcony. The rooms of the Luxury accommodations are divided into deluxe rooms, standard rooms and the superior rooms. Luxury rooms in Chyulu Hills national park includes Paton Luxury resort, Finch Hattons Luxury camp, Chyulu club and many more.

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