Chalbi Desert Attraction In Kenya : The idyllic Chalbi Desert is situated close to Kenya’s northern border with Ethiopia. It is roughly 50 kilometres from Marsabit and 500 kilometres from Nairobi. Kenya’s hottest and driest region is the Chalbi Desert, which is encircled by volcanic ruins. It features breathtakingly large sand dunes and breathtaking scenery. Continue reading this article to get acqauinted with Chalbi desert attraction in Kenya

There are more beautiful and serene oases in the northern Kenyan Chalbi Desert to provide for some memorable safari experiences. That and the notion that such a cool and vegetated location can exist in such a huge area of nothing but bareness and sand is nearly miraculous.

You can visit Lake Paradise at Marsabit National Park, which is situated in Marsabit County, while you are staying at Marsabit. It is the home of Ahmed, one of the massive elephant tuskers that ruled in the 1960s and 1970s.

Chalbi Desert Attraction In Kenya
Lake Paradise

Tribes and Culture.

The last remaining nomadic tribes in Kenya, including the Turkana, Samburu, Marakwet, Pokot, Rendile, El Molo, and Gabbra tribes, reside in this region due to its historical nomadic routes. This region’s Gabbra people are a resilient race whose acclimatisation to a nomadic lifestyle guarantees their existence.

These populations find it difficult to obtain food and water for both themselves and their cattle because Chalbi is an arid region. They never stay still for very long and have a tendency to roam around.

When it’s time to move on to the next site, they quickly dismantle the makeshift buildings they call manyattas. Men and small boys go out to graze and tend to their cattle, leaving women and children mostly alone to construct manyattas.


Nearby destinations to consider visit while in Chalbi.

Loiyangalani: Proceeding to the Loiyangalani area, which is situated along Lake Turkana’s shoreline, is an option. It is primarily buried with large amounts of volcanic ash and debris. Most of the historical archives pertaining to human evolution are housed there, and it is thought to be the starting point of human evolution. This area has been set aside by the Kenya Wildlife Service as Sibiloi National Park, a historic protected area. You will encounter cultural customs and events among the Rendile and El Molo Communities in this area. They belong to Kenya’s richly practiced cultural communities.


Culture and Traditions – Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana.

Suguta Valley and Mount Ng’iro: To the west of the mountain is the Suguta Valley, which is a portion of the Great Rift Valley. The mountain is located in northern Kenya. The mountain’s upper slopes are covered in forests, yet it is bordered by desert.

Safaris to the North / Chalbi Desert / Suguta Valley.

We plan these amazing game drives and safaris in a unique and personalized way to provide our visitors with an extraordinary experience. We organize the majority of our trips to the Chalbi Desert, Suguta Valley, and Loyangalani from lodgings in and around the Samburu Region. These helicopter trips might run anything from five hours to several days, depending on the interests of the guests.

You can choose to enjoy lunch in Loyangalani, dinner in the camp via the Suguta Valley, or breakfast in the Chalbi Desert and vice versa. You have an extraordinary experience from it.

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