Camping in Aberdare national park : Aberdare national park is located in the central Kenya 164 km from Nairobi. The Aberdare national park is part of the Aberdare mountain range. The Aberdare national park was gazetted as a national park in 1950 mainly to offer refuge to wildlife and the Aberdare mountain range. Aberdare national park sits between the elevation of 2000 meters and 4000 meters above the sea level and covers a total land area of 766 square kilometers which is comprised of the moorland, bamboo forests, deep V-shaped valleys intersected by the rivers, waterfalls, streams, rainforests, animal species, and bird species and among others. The park was named after Aberdare mountain range which is an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern arm of the rift valley that extends up to 100km north-south Nairobi.

Camping in Aberdare National park.

Camping is one of the adventurous Kenya safari experiences offered in Aberdare National Park, the park is dotted with many camping sites where camping experiences are done. Camping is an extremely thrilling experience as it is one of the ways of  bonding with nature and there is no experience can beat gazing at the star filled sky in the night in the amidst bushes.

Aberdare national park has got a variety of campsites that are grouped into the public and the special campsites, the campsites in Aberdare national park includes the reedbuck campsite, Muringato (M1 ) campsite, Bongo (M2) campsite,Nyati (M3) campsite, Queen Beatrix (M5) campsite,Kiguru (K1) campsite,Kifaru (K2)campsite and the Prince Charles campsite and many others.

The safari tents are built with environmentally friendly materials which maintains conservation of the protected area as well and both the public and special campsite can be accessed, some of the public camping sites are located near the park gates or park headquarters which are guarded by the park rangers and the local people around.

Aberdare Camping Sites.

Reedbuck campsite.

Reed buck campsite is located 2.5 km from the Kiandogoro gate and 9km from the Mutubio gate. It is situated in the Aberdare national park, it can accommodated 40 people and it is a public campsite. Reedbuck campsite is a camp site that is situated nearby to fishing lodge and close to the Sundowner view point.

Camping in Aberdare national park
Reedbuck campsite

Honi camp site.

Honi campsite is located in Aberdare national park, the park is located from the Wandare gate 11.3km the park can accommodate 40 people and it is a public campsite.

Shamata camp site.

Shamata camp site is a campsite that is located in Aberdare national park, which can accommodate 40 people and it is a public camp site.

Bill Woodley campsite.

Bill Woodley campsite is found in Aberdare national park which is 2.4 km from the Shamata gate, the campsite is public and can accommodate 40 people.

PC Haji’s campsite.

PC Haji’s campsite is a campsite which is located in Aberdare national park, the campsite is located 1.7km form the Shamata gate, and it is a special campsite which can accommodate 40 people.

Muringato (M1) campsite.

Muringato (M1) campsite is located 5.0km from the Ark gate and 2.5km on the Treetops gate. It is a special campsite. The campsite can accommodate 40 people.

Bongo (M2) campsite.

Bongo (M2) campsite is located 3.5km at the Treetops gate and 6.8km from the Ark gate, the campsite can accommodate 40 people. It is a public campsite.

Camping in Aberdare national park
Camping in Aberdare national park

Nyati (M3) campsite.

Nyati (M3) campsite is located 4.0km Treetops gate and 7.6km from the Ark gate. The campsite can accommodate 40 people and it is a special campsite.

Queen Beatrix (M5) campsite.

Queen Beatrix (M5) campsite is located inside Aberdare national park which accommodated 40 people and it is a special campsite.

Kiguru (K1) campsite.

The Kiguru (K1) campsite is located 3km from the Ark gate and 4.5km Treetops gate, the campsite has a carrying capacity of the 40 people and it is a special campsite.

Prince Charles campsite.

Prince Charles campsite is one of the six ‘special’ campsites in the Aberdare national park which means they have to be reserves a head of time through the Kenya Wildlife Services. The campsite has a capacity of 40 people.

Camping fees of Aberdare National Park.

Category Special Campsite(Kshs) Public campsite(Kshs)
Adults 250 200
Children/Students 200 150

How to get to Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare national park can be accessed by means of the air or road transport from the Nairobi city to the park.

By Road transport.

Aberdare national park estimates 160 kilometers from the Nairobi the main city while driving on a smooth tarmac road from Nyeri and Naro Moruon the Eastern side. The gates to use include Treetop, Wandera, Ark, Kiandongoro, Ruhuruina and these gates are good to be used while starting the journey from Nyeri. Then Mutubio gate is perfect for the travelers coming from Naivasha.

By Air transport.

All Kenyan national parks can be accessed by the flights both scheduled and the charter flights which can be booked at Wilson Airport by the help of the recognized tour operator who is knowledgeable enough about the tour packages and able to organize for your pick up from the airport.

The park has got two airstrips for both the scheduled and the chartered that is Mweiga and Nanyuki airstrip, located close to Aberdare Park Kenya.

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