Bisanadi National Reserve is a wildlife reserve in Isiolo County, in Kenya. It adjacent to Meru National Park, the reserve is a home of the certain animal species like the lion, African elephant, cheetah, white rhinoceros, African buffalo and many others, the reserve has over 400 species of birds. Guests to the Bisanadi national reserve can do boat or fish on the Tana and Rojewero rivers inside the reserve and enjoy camping under the stars in the tough but very beautiful place, Bisanadi National reserve has a hot and arid bush land as so favors animals in the reserve to thrill while on Kenya Safaris .

The reserve has savannah grasslands, forests, swamps, combretum thickets, type of vegetation, the reserve was established in 1979 and is managed by Kenya Wildlife Office. The reserve hives animal’s freedom to roam out of Mount Meru without any human encroachment, Bisanadi is found on the Kinna border diving two local tribes the Meru and the Bisanadi, the reserve is very remote and the safari vehicle must be a four wheel drive car to move gently.

Main attractions of the Bisanadi National Reserve.


The reserve is blessed with various animal species that makes the reserve more attractive to the tourists like the lions, white rhinoceros, elands, impalas, wildebeest, hartebeest, African elephants and many others that surround the reserve.

Bisanadi National Reserve
Bisanadi National Reserve wildlife

Bird species.

Bisanadi national reserve is a haven of various bird species  which are over 400 species of birds that includes King fisher, brown backed peck, Huggins coaser and other migratory bird species in the reserve, the reserve apart from those listed, has other various bird species.

Activities in Bisanadi national Reserve.

Game Viewing.

The reserve offers the excellent game viewing to the guests in the reserve with abundance of animal species like the lions, white rhinoceros, elands, giraffes, impalas, wildebeest, hartebeest, African elephant, African buffalo, cheetahs and among others. These animal species can be best sighted during the morning game drive when they are active and also during the evening game drive when they are from their shelter hides while gathering as they are looking for food, so they can be around the reserve.

Bird watching.

The Bisanadi national reserve has got over 400 species of bird species making it a birder paradise to the guests who are bird lovers, the bird species in the reserve includes the King fisher, brown backed pecker, Huggins coaser and many others, bird watching is best done in the morning and the evening hours.

Bisanadi National Reserve
King fisher


Fishing activity is as well done in the reserve, and this is done most especially along Tana River and River Rojewero where there are various fish species to be caught, so the guests during their visit in the reserve are always encouraged to always come with their fishing gears so as to carry out fishing, the fishing activity gives the tourists the most awesome remembrance and unforgettable memories.

Boat Ride.

Boat ride is also done as the tourists enjoy the water in the reserve and this basically is also done in River Rojewero and the Tana Rivers, here the guests always come along with their lunch boxes while enjoying the water life in the boats.


Camping is the most experiencing activity in the reserve, where the guests enjoy outdoors nature wilderness in the reserve, the guests pitch their tents in the reserve as they enjoy the Kenya wildlife and night stars, camp fire in the night during the camping with their families, friends.

Best time to visit Bisanadi national reserve.

Bisanadi national reserve being hot and arid can be visited annually, but those interested in a summer like experience the best time when they can visit the park is during the drier months of January to March and then June to October.

Where to stay in Bisanadi national reserve.

There are various accommodations in and outside the reserve so guests can access accommodation from the surrounding areas or from Mount Meru that includes the accommodations that includes the Leopard Rock Lodge, Paraa safari Lodge, Rhino river camp.

How to get to Bisanadi national reserve.

Bisanadi national reserve can either be accessed by both the air and the road means of transport from Nairobi to the reserve.

By Road Transport.

When traveling by the road, it’s easily accessed through Mount Meru national park by using the Murear gate to reach inside the reserve.

By Flight transport.

The Kenyan domestic flights can be organized to Korbessa airstrip near Mount Meru national park.

Bisanadi national reserve is a wildlife reserve in Isiolo County, Kenya, it is adjacent to Meru national park. The reserve is a home to the animal species like the lion, African elephant, white rhinoceros, and African buffalo and among others, minus that the reserve is well known for bird species which are over 400 species of birds.

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