Birding in Uganda : Uganda is birding paradise boasting a massive bird list of more than 1073 recorded bird species making up 50% Africa’s bird species and 11% of world’s species. This huge bird list is contained with in a small territory of only 90041 square mile hence having one of the highest of concentration of birds. Birding in Uganda rewards with easy spotting of many birds by covering birding for short periods of time.

Uganda has more than 34 important Bird Area many of which have been developed for birding watching and birding tours.


  • Shoebill Black-Bea-Eater
  • Jameson’s Antpecker
  • Green breasted pitta Black-chested lapwing
  • Rwenzori Turaco
  • Karamonja Apallis puvel’s illadopsis
  • Nahan’s francolin

Birds in Uganda are many which make more than 1073 bird species but we have decided to write the few among the many which represents the others.


  1. Mabamba Bay wetland Murchison falls national park
  2. Lake mburo national
  3. Bwindi impenetrable Lutebe bay wetland
  4. Budongo forest
  5. Entebbe peninsula
  6. Kibale national park
  7. Mgahiga national park
  8. Lake mburo national park


 Lutembe bay is important Bird Area on Lake Victoria located 4km off the Kampala- Entebbe highway from Namulanda-Lutebe is not popular for birdwatching destination receiving many birders, at least not as popular as the mabamba swamp another lake Victoria famous for shoebill sighting.

Lutembe has made more than 200 bird species. The wetland is home to 8 of 12 lake Victoria biome species in Uganda. Birding has the best time to see birds especially from September to march, there as many Palearctic visitors about 26 species notably white-winged Terns,    slender-billed-Gulls, Black Heron.

The early morning is the best time to carry out birdwatching at lutebe bay and do a lot of bird activity before the rising sun intensifies also being a lot of flying insects n bushes and grasslands attracting lots of insects eating birds to make spot as they feast on the insects.

 The tourist will browser of woodlands, bushes and continue to the lake Victoria using the boat to new lutebe beach through spotting the birds along the shores of lake Victoria of waders and several species in water continue to the make to catch a spectacles of huge flock of waders and other water species.


  • Red-chested-sunbird
  • Little- beer-eater
  • Africa jacana
  • White –brown –Robin chat
  • Plain-backed-pipit
  • Laughing dove
  • Palm nut vulture
  • Wood sand piper
  • Lizard buzzard
  • African blue flycatcher
  • Glass land pipit
  • Yellow-billed Duck
  • Northern crobes
  • Willow warber
  • Sooty chat

    Birding in Uganda
    Willow warber

The common bird to see at lutebe bay is well known as shoebill its known as inhabitant wetland on lake Victoria in Uganda, its common fetched by fishermen but that has been on ages since a shoebill was last sighted at lutebe hence chances of spotting this unique bird at lutebe.


Bird viewing; Lutembe bay just like quality of other bays does delivering quite a big population of 200 different bird species and 26 are drifters. This group of birds include are rare at the bay like Holub’s golden weaver, African green pigeon.

Butterfly spotting; The wetland is also household to various types of butterflies which make 100 butterfly species exists as well as 3 infrequent species which are not noted at the bay of Uganda. These butterflies include; Acrea Pharsalus, Belenois and cacyreus virilis.Thus a perfect safari destination for butterfly lover in Uganda.

 Wild animals; Are other wetland in Uganda, lutembe is also home-based to situtanga, Rodents and otters. The late animals are not easy to spot however on your visit someone is able to note African spot-necked otter, and the African clawless otter.

Nature walks; the whole of lutembe bay swamps is open nature walk lovers. On your adventure, you will be escorted by the tour guide and game ranger.


Lutembe bay swamp provides the very first thing to overlook about is perturbing on where you will rest since Uganda has many facilities that a person would not expect. Lutembe provides both budget accommodation and Luxury accommodation and they have enormous security that keep the places safe and people’s properties.

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