Best Sighting Adventures in Kenya  : Kenya is such an incredible safari destination, that is blessed with charming attractions and activities that everyone should not miss out on a Kenya wildlife Safari, this is where you get the spectacular and breathtaking moments after getting experienced to a variety on a safari to Kenya, being the best number one East Africa’s travel destination its visited by many international and local tourists it is actually a multifaceted place with a wide variety of the adventures both the rural and urban.

Best sighting adventures in Kenya.

Watching the great migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Kenya has got the so called natural  wonders, this is the wildebeest great migration that arrives from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania this is where the millions and millions of the wildebeest, thousands of zebras, gazelles while followed by the various predators, this takes place between July and October during the Great Migration, these can be best spotted during the game drives, hot-air balloon flights, walking or the horseback safaris during your safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve  Kenya.

Best Sighting Adventures in Kenya
Maasai Mara National Reserve tours

Diani Beach.

A Kenya safari can never be complete minus visiting Kenya’s most famous and popular beach that is Diani Beach, this is so attractive with the powdery white and the jade-colored waters protected by a coral reef, this is such stunning and awesome with the best safari outdoor water activities like kitesurfing, skydiving, snorkeling, jet skiing and among many others, not only that the beach has got the trendy beachfront bars and restaurants, hotels that provides the tourists with the endless enjoyments and vibe during a safari in Kenya.

Exploring Elsa’s home.

Elsa’s home is such rewarding to the tourists this is known as Kenya’s famous feline was immortalized by Joy Adamson’s 1960 ‘’Born Free’’. Elsa’s home is located in Meru National park this is where the orphaned lioness was raised by Adamson and her husband in the park, this is all after their death they were buried in the park which makes the park to be a popular tourism destination because of these two famous conservationists.

Watching the nature’s version of the ‘’pink blanket’’.

Lake Nakuru is famous known for the major attractions of the pink flamingos, the lake is located in the Great Rift Valley. The Lake shows the various flocks of the pink flamingos that descend upon the lake in the flocks that sometimes number one to two million birds, that attracts the a variety of the tourists to come to the lake to witness the pink flamingos, minus the pink flamingos the visitors on the other hand do observe the animal species that includes the rhinos, lions and among others in Lake Nakuru National Park that do surround Lake Nakuru hence giving the best safari memories to the tourists.

Experiencing the crocodiles at Lake Turkana.

 Kenya is blessed with the crocodile sites and Lake Turkana being the leading and best safari destination where the tourists can spot the crocodiles in the country, lake Turkana is considered as the largest concentration of the Nile crocodiles in the entire world with the highest Nile crocodiles breeding ground, the crocodiles breed on the shores of the island’s crater lakes between April and May, with the large population of the water turtles too, Best Sighting Adventures in Kenya

Sailing Lamu Archipelago by a dhow.

During the 16th century, in the golden age of Swahili culture, Lamu island is located at the Kenya’s coast, which is the most attractive to the tourists being the last great outposts of the traditional dhows, the lateen-rigged sailing vessels that were once the main means of transport between East Africa, India and the Middle East, as well the tourists can experience the best destination while enjoying the sunset and snorkeling trips as well as visits to the Takwa ruins on the nearby Manda island.

Visiting Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, where the trust has saved the hundreds of the baby elephants from almost certain death since the sanctuary was founded in 1977 by the conservation pioneers David and Dame Daphine Sheldrick.

Best Sighting Adventures in Kenya
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Hiking Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain on the continent, so exploring its summit is such impressive though the summit trails are less crowded than its snowy counterpart than Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, experiencing Mount Kenya though its challenging being five days from the start to finish, but this is amazing where Mount Kenya Safaris offers the guided trips through any of the three main routes to the top of the mountain.

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