Best places to spot gorillas in Africa : Do you want to encounter the wildest things possible? Have you ever considered gorilla trekking safari. Gorillas are the largest great apes and have the most genetic similarities to humans, followed by chimpanzees and among other primates. Only 900 mountain gorillas remain on the planet, and gorillas are in danger of being extinct. Fortunately, because to conservation initiatives, there are now more than 1,000 gorillas, up from 250 when these efforts first started some 50 years ago. The only way to observe these enormous primates is by trekking through their natural habitat. Your search for the ideal gorilla safari Destination will lead you to Africa. To satisfy your wild appetite, travel deep into Africa’s rainforests of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. You might never get another chance to see them; this is it. The only way to see gorillas while assuring their conservation is through ecotourism. The income from these national parks is used to pay residents’ expenses for protecting the gorillas. Finding the best location in Africa is the true challenge. We are available to assist you. Here are Africa’s top gorilla viewing locations of the gorillas on the Africa safaris. Before entering gorilla parks, you must obtain a gorilla permit.


The best spot in Africa to see gorillas and to experience a mountain gorilla safari is Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda. The mountains of Rwanda, particularly the volcanoes national park, are where you may discover the large numbers of gorillas. It is located 160 square kilometres to the northwest of Rwanda and is made up of multiple rain forests and five volcanoes. Rwanda offers treks that can be tailored in terms of duration and degree of difficulty. The dry seasons, from June through September, are the ideal time to see gorillas in Rwanda. The Rwandan gorilla trekking safari experience lasts from 30 minutes to five hours. And this relies on a number of variables, including the weather, the visitors’ level of fitness, and the distance to the gorilla families.


Gorillas can only feel at ease in their native surroundings. You can see them in their natural environment in Uganda. There are two locations in Uganda where gorillas can be found:

  1. Bwindi forest national park
  1. Mgahinga national park

There are 23 gorilla families in Bwindi Forest National Park, the park is known to be the home of the half remaining numbers of gorillas on the planet. And the remaining gorillas are located in Mgahinga National Park. The treks in Uganda are designed to protect the wellbeing of gorillas. While gorillas in Mgahinga prefer to live in high landscapes, those in Bwindi prefer to dwell in lower terrain. Due of their large population, gorillas in Uganda are more untamed than those in Rwanda. You can take part in the gorilla habituation safari experience in Uganda. You may go on the best gorilla safari in Uganda. You can go gorilla trekking in Uganda at any time, but most tourists like the two dry seasons from January to February and June to September. The gorilla walk takes the same amount of time from 30 minutes to 5 hours in Rwanda as it does in Uganda. And this relies on a number of variables, including the weather, the visitors’ level of fitness, and the distance to the gorilla families.

Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are both mountain and lowland gorillas in the Democratic republic of Congo. The finest site to see mountain gorillas is in Congo. The vast majority of people did not favour the DRC for a gorilla safari due to its protracted civil war and internal issues. In the DRC, there are four distinct regular gorilla groups. Virunga Mountains are also reachable from here. The rainforests that span the borders of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are known as “virungas” or “volcanoes.” There are multiple mountain gorillas in this area. The dry season, which runs from June to September or December to February, is the ideal time to visit the Congo. Similar to Uganda and Rwanda, the DRC requires from 30 minutes to 5 hours of hiking, depending on the weather, the visitors’ fitness levels, and the distance to the gorilla families.

Where to witness Gorillas: Kahuzi Beiga National Park in the DRC is the greatest location in Congo to witness various eastern lowland gorilla species and the mountain gorillas in Virunga national park.

Congo Brazzaville or Republic of Congo.

 Between the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Gabon, Central Africa, is the Republic of Congo. The country is the best location for gorilla safaris to see the western lowland gorillas may be had in the tranquil Republic of Congo. Odzala Kodoua National Park is the best location in Congo to watch gorillas, and there are two regular gorillas there. Generally speaking, the weather is hot and humid. There are also many undeveloped places. In addition to observing gorillas, you may go on hikes through rain forests, go kayaking, boating, or game-drive over savannahs. The greatest time to visit the Republic of Congo for a gorilla trip is in June because it’s the country’s driest month.

Central African Republic.

You can encounter the best wildlife in the Central African Republic, which is also home to the largest population of western lowland gorillas and wild elephants worldwide. In the Dzangha-Sangha Reserve, the majority of the wild animals can be seen. This tropical rainforest is found in the sangha tri-national reserve, which is part of the Cameroon and Congo region of Africa. Three regular groups of western lowland gorillas reside here. The World Wildlife Fund established a gorilla study and habitation programme, which significantly aided the park’s habitation plan in Dzanga Ndoki. The best time to visit Dzangha Sangha Reserve to view gorillas is from December to March.


Cameroon is the ideal location for you in West Africa. Cameroon is the main location where western and cross-river gorillas can be found. The critically endangered cross-river gorilla is mostly found in Nigeria. However, there is no regular group in Cameroon. So, from this location, tourists cannot witness gorillas crossing rivers. The finest place to witness rescued orphaned gorillas in Cameroon is Mefou National Park. January, February, June, and September are the ideal months to travel if you want to see gorillas in Cameroon.

Where to See the Gorillas: There are several options for gorilla trekking in Cameroon, including the safaris in Ndzanga Sangha National Park, Lobeke National Park, and North Cameroon Safari.


Consider crossing a river to observe gorillas in Nigeria for a truly unique gorilla-trekking safari experience. Their violent behavior sets them apart from mountain gorillas. They don’t integrate in with humans like other sorts and are not amicable. Mbe Mountains, Afi Mountains, and Cross River National Park are only a few of the 2900 square kilometres of land in Nigeria that is home to the cross river gorillas. Comparatively few of them exist compared to other gorilla species. The ideal months to go gorilla trekking safari in Africa are January, February, June, and early September.


The best wild safaris are available in Gabon, Africa’s Last Living Eden. Gabon might be your ultimate wild vacation with its 12 national parks. The primary habituated group is in Loango National Park, and the western lowland gorilla population, which is indigenous to Gabon, is thriving. Gabon, meanwhile, has not yet established gorilla trekking safari. Gabon is distinct due to the abundance of primates there. The wonderful habitat of Loango National Park is ideal for Western lowland gorillas. With a rich biodiversity, Loango National Park spans to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the ocean’s edge, tourists can see dolphins, whales, and hippos. They can also go into the forest to see gorillas, chimpanzees, and forest elephants. It offers both forest and marine life. In addition to gorilla safaris, Gabon offers a variety of other wildlife encounters, including marine life and rainforest exploration. The optimum time to undertake gorilla trekking in Loango National Park is from May to September.

Equatorial Guinea.

 In Equatorial Guinea’s Monte Alen National Park, you can see western lowland gorillas. You can undertake gorilla trekking safari with the assistance of locals even if the tourism industry surrounding it is still developing. There are less than 316,000 gorillas left in the world, which is why they are considered to be extremely endangered. The optimum time to go on a gorilla safari is from December to February during the dry season.


Western lowland gorillas can be found in the northern region of Angola. Primarily along the River Congo in the Cabinda Enclave. Gorillas are only present in this region of Angola. Angola’s gorilla safari is not very developed, and the likelihood of seeing a gorilla is similarly less. The ideal months to travel to Angola to see gorillas are from June through October.

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