Best affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD : This article entails all the necessary information one should know about the affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD.

Mama Oliech restaurant

The Mama Oliech restaurant, which is situated on Marcus Garvey Road in Kilimani, has gained a lot of popularity by entertaining notable guests like former President Barack Obama. It’s a treasure for regional cuisine and well-known for its tilapia and ugali. Anyone with a desire for fresh seafood should definitely check out this establishment.

Best affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD
Mama Oliech restaurant

The Branch Restaurant

The Branch Restaurant is located on Moi Avenue’s first level, close to Kenya Cinema. In addition to some other continental cuisines, African cuisine is served in this roomy setting. It combines price and quality beyond all else. As such, it’s a great location for informal get-togethers.

Nick’s Grill

Nick’s Grill is the ideal spot to take your family out to supper if you’re looking for somewhere to go. It may be found near Uniafric House, Koinange Street, and Koinange Lane. Nick’s Grill takes pride in serving delicious meals at reasonable pricing that is of excellent quality. You may eat a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner here without worrying about breaking the bank.

Where to have breakfast in Nairobi

We frequently overlook the most significant meal of the day. Your energy levels can be sustained for the entire day with a well-prepared and presented breakfast. As a result, making sure you have a healthy meal to start your day is crucial. Here are a few spots to check out in Nairobi if you’d like to have a satisfying and reasonably priced breakfast.

Java House

To start your day off right, nothing beats a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Java paired with some lovely, delectable pastries. The eatery is well-known for its warm, freshly made bread and its delicious king-size Samosas. This place is amazing, and its breakfast menu will leave you spoilt for choice. You may either choose morning burritos or the Home Fry Heaven, which is made of home fries with cheese topping, salsa, and guacamole.

The Art Café

The Art Café is a great place to have breakfast in the morning because of its distinctive location and pleasant atmosphere. The hotel takes pride on its excellent customer service and welcoming staff, who are happy to help you browse the menu and select items that best suit your preferences. You can have breakfast meetings in the private areas as well.


CJ’s is distinct from other restaurants in the CBD with its delicious food, amazing view, and cosy setting. The personnel is prompt and courteous, and the restaurant has enough of space. The restaurant offers delicious, freshly prepared food at incredibly low costs. Along Koinange Street, in the centre of Nairobi, is where you can find CJ’s.

Where to have buffet in Nairobi

K’Osewe Ranalo

K’Osewe Ranalo tops our list with delicious, well-prepared cuisine and a friendly staff. It is a wonderful destination for African food at affordable pricing, and it is located along Kimathi Street. If you live in the capital or are visiting, you just must go to this location.

Best affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD
K’Osewe Ranalo

Carnivore Kenya

When it comes to providing both residents and visitors from other countries with an unlimited meat buffet, Carnivore never lets you down. Off Langata Road in Langata is where you can find the outdoor eatery. This is where you should go if you want to sample some delicious beef. Pork, lamb, cattle, farmed ostrich, and crocodile meat are among the many types of meat it serves.

Buffet park

Buffet Park offers exceptionally good meals at a reasonable price along with first-rate customer service. You can eat to your heart’s content because the buffet list has a large variety of foods. For those who prefer a little drink with their meal, it also includes a bar. Argwings Kodhek Road is where you may find it.

Nyama Choma ( Roasted meat) joints

The word “roasted meat” translates to “nyama choma.” Kenyans love this delicacy, especially on Sunday afternoons when they go out with their families or with a few friends or co-workers to unwind and have a few drinks. Meat options include beef, goat, and chicken, as well as, in certain situations, game meat from crocodiles or gazelles. If you would want to have nyama choma with your family or friends, here is a list of restaurants that you should definitely check out.

Roadhouse Grill

Without a visit to this joint, a trip to the capital would not be complete. Situated along Dennis Pritt Road, this spot is regarded as one of the greatest for nyama choma. Even on busy days, there’s enough room to serve lots of patrons. Its meals of goat choma and chicken choma draw a lot of people. Although it may take some time to receive service, as they say, good things come to those who wait.

Njuguna’s Place

This stylish restaurant serving nyama choma is situated along Waiyaki Way. This is the ideal place to meet up with co-workers. The restaurant is well-known for its large amounts of high-quality meat and for having plenty of parking spaces. Why delay any longer? Give your buddies a call and come hang out at Njuguna’s Place.

Kenyatta Market Nyama choma

Do you have a strong desire for a juicy, delicious nyama choma while at work? During your lunch break, you can head to Kenyatta Market to grab the food you deserve. At the entrance to the market, you may find spotless stalls here. Order as soon as you’ve located the stall you wish to eat at. The vendors merely want more customers to enter their stalls, so even though it can get a little noisy, there’s no reason to be afraid. Goat and chicken are the two primary meat varieties served at this restaurant.

Where to get the Swahili food

The Swahili culture and attitude hit you the instant you set foot on the Coast. Tasting the many Swahili foods available is one of the things that is constantly on the bucket list. You may still enjoy these without always travelling to the coast, though, as there are reasonably priced Swahili restaurants in Nairobi’s Central Business District. Here are some inexpensive eateries you should try:

Swahili Plate

The Swahili Plate is definitely going to please your palate if you have an endless craving for coastal or Swahili cuisine. From wali wa nazi to biryani, bhajia, and many more meals, the restaurant provides a large selection of dishes at reasonable prices. By Muindi Mbingu Street is where you can find it.

Malindi Dishes

A wonderful venue to satisfy your need for succulent biryani is Malindi Dishes. To please your palate, the sauce has a rich, flavour, and salty taste. It is situated off Luthuli Avenue on Gaberone Road in the CBD. If you’re visiting the capital city and need somewhere to eat, go through the list of the greatest reasonably priced restaurants in Nairobi CBD above to find something that will satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet. You will be able to enjoy the various delicacies that are served in these establishments and appreciate the cuisine. I hope you have a great time at any of the restaurants listed above when you go there again.

In summary, this article highlights a list of best affordable restaurants in Nairobi CBD

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