Are Tanzanians Friendly : Tanzania is so beautiful that all it takes is one glance at a single image to understand why so many people opt to travel there. Tanzania safari is brimming with wildlife and stunning natural scenery.

This is a significant factor in the popularity of safaris in Tanzania, but many tourists also travel there to interact with the locals.

Tanzanian culture is a lot friendlier than Western culture, and this attracts a lot of people. This travel guide will cover a variety of topics, including if Tanzanians are kind. So, if you’re interested in learning more, stay reading.

Are Tanzanians Friendly?

So let’s get started and find out if Tanzanians are kind or not. Of course, since each person is unique, we can’t speak for everyone. However, generally speaking, yes, Tanzanians are friendly.

Tanzanians typically extend a warm welcome to visitors and are highly courteous and helpful to them. This is mostly because Tanzanians have a strong feeling of national pride. It is also a result of Tanzania’s enormous ethnic diversity.

It is logical that many people will be welcoming visitors travelling to Tanzania safari from abroad given that there are more than 120 distinct ethnic groups coexisting side by side. The majority of Tanzanians will be very friendly.

The best approach to guarantee a positive experience with Tanzanians, though, is to brush up on your understanding of their culture and traditions before you travel.

Travellers frequently commit the transgression of neglecting cultural differences in other nations. The greatest approach to make sure you will get along with Tanzanians is to conduct your study before you travel and make sure you always show respect for their values.

Tanzania is a welcoming nation that enjoys hosting visitors. In Tanzania, embracing strangers is deeply ingrained in their culture because they believe that everyone is a potential friend. It is usual for a Tanzanian local to approach you, shake your hand, and say “jambo” because shaking hands is a significant aspect of Tanzanian culture. This means “hello” in Tanzanian, so you should return the favor.

The best approach to receive a warm welcome in Tanzania is to also be outgoing and pleasant, as friendliness is a significant element of the local culture.

The neighborhood where you are staying will warmly welcome you if you smile and make an effort to interact with people.

Is Tanzania a safe place to visit?

 Generally speaking, yes, Tanzania is a safe place to visit on your safari. Travelling to Tanzania is among the safest things you can do in Africa, and the only significant concerns are ones you encounter when visiting most other nations.

Be sure to read our comprehensive guide to being safe when travelling in Tanzania before you make travel plans there. However, let’s quickly cover some of the main points.

Scamming and pickpocketing are the most frequent crimes that put travelers in Tanzania at risk. Small-scale scams are frequently carried out by gangs using children to divert tourists while the thieves steal their possessions.

Because opportunistic thieves prey on tourists, pickpocketing is more prevalent than ever. On public transport and in crowded areas, it is most prevalent.

Scamming and pickpocketing are among the most frequent crimes in many well-known tourist destinations, nevertheless.

You may defend yourself against these crimes by taking the necessary precautions and constantly being on guard. Aside from this, travelling to Tanzania is generally secure.

Cultural traditions to be aware of before you visit.

 As we previously indicated, the greatest approach to guarantee a friendly welcome from Tanzanians during your stay is to be aware of and respect cultural traditions.

Are Tanzanians Friendly
Maasai People

Let’s examine certain cultural customs that you need to be aware of.

Great People Individually.

It is pretty typical in the majority of Western nations to enter a room full of people and greet them all at once.

In fact, it would be unusual a lot of the time to greet each person in turn as you moved around the room. Tanzania, however, is an exception to this.

In Tanzania, it is customary to give each person a personal greeting. Therefore, always make an effort to welcome each person you meet individually when you are in Tanzania.

Simply put, this is the Tanzanian definition of friendliness and decorum.

Always use your right hand.

In Tanzania, the left hand is used for bathroom activities, so it is seen as dirty.

As a result, you shouldn’t use your left hand for anything other than wiping yourself after using the restroom, eating, or greeting others.

It’s impossible to avoid offending locals when you extend your left hand in greeting. So, even if your left hand is your dominant one, use your right hand to maintain good relations.

Tanzania’s Dos and Don’ts.



Dress in decency.

Observe cultural distinctions.

Honour your seniors.

Make handshakes with your right hand.

Salute each person separately.


Put on exposing clothing.

Using your left hand to extend greetings.

In public, hold hands, kiss, or embrace.

Do Tanzanians get along well?

In a nutshell, Tanzanians are generally friendly. Do your homework beforehand and follow cultural limits to make sure you don’t insult any Tanzanians. However, in general, you will receive a cordial reception in Tanzania as long as you are nice and open to discussion with locals.

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