Ancient Wonders of Tanzania : Tanzania’s rich culture and history are additional reasons to visit in addition to its stunning scenery and amazing wildlife. Even if you are not a history corpulent, you are able to appreciate these magnificent historical sites. You and your co-travelers will get an opportunity to find out about the important historical moments and many other aspects of Tanzania’s culture. Here are a few must-visit historical destinations of Tanzania.

Stone Town in Zanzibar.

The Stone town of Zanzibar, also referred to as the Mji Mkongwe, meaning old town in Swahili, houses 19th-century stone architecture. The town is one of Tanzania’s most well-known tourist safari destinations and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. The town consists of memorials, museums, and buildings affected by the architectural styles of Arabia, Persia, India and Europe.

Askari Monument in Dar es Salaam.

The Askari monument is an important component of Tanzania’s history and heritage as it recognizes the Askari soldiers who gave up themselves in World War I. It is located in the city of Dar es Salaam at the roundabout by Samora Avenue and Maktaba Street. The year 1927 saw its public opening.

National Museum and House of Culture in Dar es Salaam.

Since its opening in 1940, the National Museum has been a popular tourist safari attraction that introduces visitors to Tanzanian culture. Fossils that date back to the origins of humans were discovered at Olduvai Gorge and are on display in the museum. Visitors who pay admission to the museum also have the wonderful chance to learn about Tanzania’s tribal traditions.

Village Museum at Bagamoyo Road, Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam.

The Village Museum was founded in 1996 with the intention of teaching the public about the various ethnic groups that comprise Tanzania’s diversity. The museum features sixteen distinct ethnic Tanzanian huts, as well as regular traditional music and dance performances and a gift shop with traditional ornaments on exhibit.

Olduvai Gorge in Serengeti Plains.

The 48 km long Olduvai Gorge, also called the Oldupai Gorge, is located on the Serengeti Plains. Due to its significance as a paleoanthropological location, it is included as one of Tanzania’s National Historic Sites. In Maasai, Oldupai translates to “the place of the wild sisal.”

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Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai Gorge Museum in Serengeti Plains.

Five km from the Olduvai Gorge Monument, at the intersection of the main and side gorges in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, is where you’ll find the Olduvai Gorge Museum. In the 1970s, British paleoanthropologist Mary Leaky established this museum. It is one of the biggest onsite museums in Africa, with informative exhibits for guests to view during the Tanzania safari.

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