Amboseli national park safari cost: While planning any safari, amongst the things you need to consider is how much it will cost you to enjoy this adventure in Amboseli national park. Most people actually think that a safari is something expensive, however, that’s just a mentality. A safari can be well planned to suit in one’s budget depending on how much one wishes to spend and yes a safari to Amboseli national park or any other Kenya destination is budget friendly and affordable.

Amboseli national park is one of the most visited savanna parks in Kenya after Masai Mara National reserve that takes a lead. Amboseli is one of those destination that you ought not to miss out during your next trip to Kenya especially for the people that love nature and wildlife as Amboseli got you covered when it comes to wildlife. The park is known as the home of the free grazing elephants and yes it harbors a huge population of Elephants in Kenya making it one of the best Kenya wildlife safari destination in Kenya. In addition to wildlife, Amboseli national park is yet another fascinating park that enables tourists to have a clear view of the free standing volcano Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which as well adds a credit to the beauty of this park.

While in preparation for your next safari to Amboseli national park, it is always necessary to get in touch with experienced tour consultants to inquire about the cost of the safari in order to choose the cost that suits your budget. The cost of Amboseli national park safari is usually based on a lot of factors including the type of accommodation one intends to sleep in we have budget, midrange and luxury accommodations, the type of vehicle you choose be it safari van or land cruiser and the activities one chooses such as hot air balloon. The remaining charges are usually fixed like the park entrance fees. So once you request for an itinerary, the cost of your safari is usually indicated on your itinerary together with the inclusions and the exclusions. This will then help you determine who to remove and what to include in order to adjust the cost of the safari to fit in your budget as you do not need to empty your bank account for the safari. You need to spend as planned. On the other hand, tourists who wish to enjoy luxury safaris in Amboseli national park at a cheaper rate can also choose to visit as a group in order to share most of the costs like transportation and accommodation costs which are always the determinants of the cost of a safari.

Now that you know the determinants of your safari, you need to make an appropriate advance planning and consultations before embarking on a safari to Amboseli national park or any other safari destination in Kenya and East Africa at large.

Amboseli national park safari cost
Amboseli Wildlife Safari

The major determinants of the cost of a safari to Amboseli national park

Here are some of the major factors that determine the cost of a safari and they include;

  • The type of accommodation

Yes, as mentioned earlier on, accommodation is one of the leading factor when it comes to the cost of a safari. Amboseli national park has plenty of accommodations that range from budget, mid-range and luxury. This helps tourists in choosing which accommodation they want to stay in depending on the size of the wallet and the planned money intended to be spent on a safari.

  • The number of people on a particular safari

The number of people on safari greatly affect the cost of a safari in that the more the people the less the amount of money paid for the safari per head. In other words, travelling solo can be more expensive than travelling in a group. This is brought about by the fact that when people are more in a group, this is therefore, so crucial especially for people who wish to travel at a cheaper cost and yet enjoy the benefits of luxury travelers. Most travelers do not actually know the secret behind travelling in group and here it. Once you opt for a group adventure, find your friends with similar interests who are interested in a safari and send in your inquiry, you will be overwhelmed by how cheap the cost of these safari will be. This is because most of the expensive costs will be shared amongst the group members such as transportation (Car, fuel and the guide) and then accommodation where you can sleep in family rooms, triple room etc, depending on how many you are in a group other than sleeping in single rooms. All the kinds of accommodations are readily available in and around Amboseli national park and an added advantage is that most of the tour operators sign contracts with lodges and receive bargained rates.

  • The length of a safari

If you are travelling on a tight budget, you can as well consider reducing on the number of days. Amboseli national park can be explored from 1 day to 3 days or even more depending on what one intends to do and how much you intend to spend on your Kenya safari. This is because most of the fees are paid on a daily basis such as park fees, vehicle fees and accommodation fees. These are charged on a daily basis thus reducing on the number of day is an automatic reduction on the cost of Amboseli national park safari

  • The Activities to do on a safari

The most expensive activity in Amboseli national park is hot air balloon thus if you wish to have a budget safari or a cheaper safari, you can opt to skip it and just enjoy the game drive which is free of charge as long as you pay the park entrance fees.

Amboseli national park safari cost
Game Drives in Amboseli

Conclusion; this article provides the highlights about the cost of Amboseli national park safari. This can help anyone who is planning to have a safari to this park and it can as well be applicable to many other safari destinations in Kenya and East Africa. We have a team of experienced safari planners/ tour consultants on ground, you may get in touch with one of them for the best and unbeaten Kenya safari packages to Amboseli national park at any given period of time.

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