Activites To Do At Saruni Rhino Sera : Saruni Rhino sera is the elegant lodge that is located inside the Sera conservancy. This is the best safari lodge that offers the guests with the diverse activities that appeals to every age group, these activities have been developed in the celebration of the amazing wilderness right on the doorstep and the where various experience the magical safari moments of more than home.

Activities to do at Saruni rhino sera.

Guided day game drives.

Guests on their stay at Saruni rhino sera enjoy the guided day game drives that happens during the morning and the afternoon in the large rhino sanctuary that occupies 839,000 acres-large of the wider Sera conservancy. During the guided day game drives that’s when the guests get the safari opportunity to spot the Samburu big five mammals, and the five rare species including the Somali ostrich, Grevy’s zebra, beisa Oryx, Generuk, Reticulated giraffe. And other animal species can be sighted including the hyenas, leopards, civet cats, and others plus various numbers of bird species.

Picnics, Bush meals and sundowners.

Saruni rhino has got the dry river bed in the background. This is where the guests enjoy drinks, meals, relaxing around the fire while sitting in the middle of the wilderness. This is where the guests enjoy the scenic spots in the large sera conservancy that form the awesome setting for the picnic breakfasts and the refreshments especially during the game drive, rhino tracking. Then the sundowner is the well-deserved drink at the end of a long day to ‘salute’ the African sun as it is setting that gives you the magical felling of what Africa means. Again this is where you get your panoramic viewpoint and serve your favorite drink along biting your snacks with a head tasty dinner waiting for you in the camp.

Rhino tracking.

Rhino tracking is the popular and stunning safari activity that takes place at Saruni Rhino. This is where the guests are delighted with a thrill-of-a lifetime experience the walking safari tracking the black rhino on foot accompanied by the well professional Samburu guide to the Sera conservancy with the experienced sera conservancy ranger that keeps you safe.

Activites To Do At Saruni Rhino Sera
Rhino Tracking

Rhino tracking takes place in different phases in the morning and the afternoon. Here guests experience and walk meters from the grazing rhino this is where you cross the rhino that is such hear beating especially for the first timers, pulse racing, curiosity and excitement mounting that is the best safari experience that gives you everlasting safari memories.

Cultural performances.

Here the guests do sit and relax while enjoying the mesmerizing cultural performances of the traditional songs and dances especially this becomes gorgeous during the sundowners or during the celebrations like Christmas, new year the guests can enjoy their safari while enjoying the authentic display of the Samburu culture through stories, songs, movement. This offers the guest with the unforgettable cultural insight into the ancient tribe. As the guests can join and engage themselves in dancing or simply keeps on enjoying the colorful spectacle as the guests are taking pictures and recording videos, Activites To Do At Saruni Rhino Sera

Singing wells.

Sera conservancy being the home of the natural series and the excavated wells dotted around 350,000 hectares large landscape, guests who stay at Saruni Rhino witness themselves the daily occurrence from the ancient past local pastoralists as they bring livestock to drink, digging up water from the wells to fill up holders and troughs, and singing as they go. This is amazing watching the local community singing proprietary songs recognizable only by their own livestock to encourage them to come and drink especially these takes place during the dry seasons. Guests witness themselves as they are taking the pictures, videos that makes their safari the amazing one.

Helicopter excursions and scenic flights.

Guests here do change their perspective and discover the undiscovered sites with the aerial adventure across Kenya’s remote north through booking scenic air excursion with Saruni rhino in a plane or helicopter. Here the guests enjoy the flight of marvel to the various landmarks and areas of natural beauty as to explore the Kenya’s unexplored northern region to view the dramatic landscapes from the above, Activites To Do At Saruni Rhino Sera

This is the best safari moment where the guests enjoy remote Samburu land through accessing the spectacular views overlooking vast arid plains, craggy escarpments, mountains, winding rivers and many others.

Other safari activities enjoyed by the guests in Sera rhino includes Reteti elephant sanctuary excursion, seed balls throwing, bird watching, Re-wilding rhino calf visit, rare Lichtenstein’s sandgrouse spectacular, guided ‘Lugga’dry-river bed walks, waterhole, swimming pool that marks your excellent Kenya safari to Saruni rhino Sera.

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