8 Best Restaurants in Mombasa : Food and Mombasa have a deep connection. During the spice route, Mombasa was a significant port. Since the fourteenth century, Kenyan cuisine has been centred on this historic trading centre. With a strong focus on seafood, Mombasa’s restaurants showcase a wide range of culinary styles and cultural influences. For many years Mombasa has been conquered by Portuguese, British, and Omani people. The town grew as a trade centre where tradespeople brought cardamom, cumin, coriander, saffron, turmeric, and saffron, and Indian labourers contributed their own special cooking techniques. A variety of dishes that would please all palates were produced by combining these flavours with regional cuisine and cooking methods.


This fabulous restaurant is located at the end of an old town street. It has a stunning view of Mombasa Harbour, the Mombasa restaurant is in a fantastic location. Since Mombasa Old Town is situated on an island, views may be seen extending across the blue Indian Ocean to the mainland across the canal, which divides Mombasa City in half. Anyone strolling through the ancient town will be pleased to see the brilliant yellow facade of Forodhani. A view of the sky and sea welcomes you as soon as you walk through the carved doors. Pick from an assortment of seafood, burgers, shawarmas, and curries. The seafood is cooked to perfection and served with veggies, rice or chips. Their speciality is curries, all of which are great. The food at the restaurant is tasty and cooked well.

Tamarind Mombasa

Tamarind Mombasa is located on the other side of Tudor Creek and Mombasa Island. Numerous times, Tamarind has been chosen as Mombasa’s greatest restaurant. Situated comfortably on a cliff edge, the Moorish-style building is situated on Nyali’s waterfront. White-washed walls and soaring arches maximise the breeze and vista at Tamarind Mombasa. Compared to the bright lights of the city beyond, the tangerine lighting glows softly at night. The seafood at this Mombasa restaurant is tasty. The menu include Deep-fried crab claws, ginger crab, prawn pili pili, oysters Rockefeller, and enormous lobsters are some of the most well-known foods from Tamarind. Gourmet cuisine featuring flawlessly cooked African and Asian delicacies presented with artistic flair is served here. Lobster is prepared in three distinct ways, oysters are harvested from Kilifi’s mangroves, and bouillabaisse is given a Swahili spin.

Instead of mass-producing bland food, the menu is short, indicating a few items done well. Beef fillet, lamb cutlets, chicken, and some vegetarian options are available for those who don’t like fish. Try the Dawa drink, which is credited to the Tamarind group and is today considered native to Kenya.

Monsoons Restaurant

Monsoons Restaurant sits on the stunning Mtwapa beach, which faces the ocean, a short distance from Mombasa. When you go to Monsoons, all your fantasies of an undiscovered, oceanfront restaurant with delicious seafood will come true. Monsoons is really well-liked, but I would argue it’s a hidden gem since you really do feel like an adventurer walking around the run-down remains of the Jumba from the fourteenth century. With a view of Mtwapa Beach’s white beaches, this setting is as perfect as it gets. After the kids have had their fill, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. Italians own and operate Monsoon’s restaurant, which specialises in seafood purchased straight from beachfront fishermen. Depending on what the fisherman has caught that day, the seafood platter, which is piled high with lobster, prawns, snapper, octopus, and calamari, is the showpiece.

Some of my personal favourites include spaghetti marinara, pili pill lobster, and salt and pepper calamari. There are also non-seafood options, such as chicken curry, fillet steak, beef kebabs, spaghetti bolognese, and arrabbiata. A good selection of wines. This area of town offers the best views and food.

Roberto’s Italian restaurant

Roberto’s Italian restaurant, which is conveniently located in Mombasa.  Roberto’s, an Italian and European cuisine speciality restaurant, takes great delight in acquiring the best local foods from all throughout Kenya. Plenty of seafood meals, delicious pizzas, and classic Italian dishes like Parmagiana, stuffed pasta, and beef cheeks are available. A quite modest location hidden away in the town centre. It can become really hot and you miss the scenery, but the food is really worth tasting.

Yuls  restaurant

Based on their menu, which includes steaks, burgers, pizzas, shish kebabs, curries, and schnitzels, the Mombasa restaurant  Yuls have an international menu. The food at Yuls restaurant looks and taste delicious. No one does ice cream quite like the Italians, and Yuls Restaurant boasts a mean-looking gelateria as well. Treat this as your average Kenyan beachside restaurant—not really fancy, but check out that wonderful view. It was nice to see Bamburi and leave Mombasa itself. Beware those incredibly passionate beach boys.


I would describe this as a “glamorous café” rather than a Mombasa restaurant. Café seems like it belongs in a Parisian shopping centre. Gorgeous golden spheres of light and a subtle art deco are what adds  to the pleasant atmosphere here. The restaurant provide a tiny but wonderfully formed menu that includes, among other things, fillet mignon, Hong Kong beef, chilli, and lemon prawns. They also sell a tonne of good, really very excellent, pastries and superb coffee. Put this on your list of places you really must see if you are in Nyali or Mtwapa.

Char Choma

Char Choma is ideally situated on Bamburi Beach, just next to the beach. It has three and a half-star ratings on TripAdvisor and it include some really startling (and amusing) grievances. The meal has an intriguing “made by me” approach, and the setting is stunning. Build your own meal by selecting your meat and a weight. The same goes for salads and burgers: select from an assortment of toppings to build the dinner of your desires. This is the best Kenya safari ideal spot for casual dining and sundowner beverages. It’s not fancy, but it’s in the perfect position.

Jahazi Coffee House

Jahazi Coffee house is a small, traditional Turkish coffee shop which is sometimes called Kahawa, serves tea and traditional dishes including biryani, coconut fish, samosas, mandazi, halwa, bhajias, mahmari, and delicious smoothies. The hours of operation are a little erratic; they are closed on Sundays, not open until 10, and occasionally they are closed altogether. At Rafiki, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and speaks Arabic and Swahili.

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