10 Best Beaches in Kenya: Kenya is not only famous for wildlife safaris but as well-known for beach excursions to its stunni9ng and breath taking beaches. In fact Kenya has some of the best beaches in the entire world that are worth exploring on your next Kenya widlife safari. Well, you may opt to combine both wildlife and beach safari depending on the time you have on your safari or just enjoy beach activities & leisure at our beautiful beaches. While at our beaches, you can take part on the following activities; sunbathing, swimming, walking safari along the shores and many more.

Here are the 10 top and best beaches in Kenya

The beaches in Kenya are distributed along the Indian Ocean within Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi, and coastal Kenya.

Mombasa is basically one of the best cities in Kenya in fact it’s the 2nd largest city following the Capital city of Kenya Nairobi. On the other hand, Watamu is one of the towns situated along the coastal Kenya north of Mombasa and it is famous not only for existence of Beaches but as well there exists a national park known as Watamu National park, Watamu Reserve and 3 bays including Turtle bay, Watamu Bay and Blue Lagoon Bay. And finally Malindi is yet another small town situated on Malindi Bay. Just like Watamu, malindi as well consists of a National park known as Malindi National park and lots of beaches surrounded by stunning hotels and resorts.


Diani Beach is one of the top most beach and probably the most visited of all beaches in Kenya. Diani Beach is undoubtedly the most stunning beach filled with palm trees that create a beautiful picturesque. Diani Beach is situated along the Indian Ocean in the coastal Kenya south of Mombasa City a few minutes’ drive from Mombasa. While at Diani Beach, you will enjoy a breath taking tranquil that offers you a best place for sun bathing, swimming, water surfing, picnic, and relax station. This Diani Beach is indeed a perfect gateway for you and your loved ones. It is suitable for both honeymooners, family outings, Get together party and many more

10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Diani Beach Kenya

Looking for a white sandy beach, then look no further than Lamu Beaches situated along Lamu Island which thrills with stunning white sandy beaches best for relaxation during your honeymoon or vacation.  While at Lamu Beaches, I would recommend mainly Shela Beach as well as Manda Bay Beach for that picturesque, a calm ambiance and scenic views as you take a look at beautiful ocean surrounded by luxurious resorts where you will spend your overnight.


Just like Lamu Beaches, Nyali beach is one of the most stunning beaches in situated in Kenya suitable for tourists who wish to have some privacy as the beach is not much crowded like most of the other beaches in Mombasa. While at Nyali Beach, you will enjoy lots of beach activities plus leisure and relaxation. Nyali beach offers you a perfect and calm atmosphere as you engage in different beach activities and grab your overnight rest in one of the resorts.


Vipingo beach is yet another beautiful beach to explore in Kenya tours situated within the coastal area of Kenya. Vipingo Beach is surrounded by a calm ambiance of green palm trees within the Swahili Village near Kilifi. This is as well one of the best beach to visit for those who love privacy & a serene vacation spot since it is amongst the least crowded and Isolated unlike the likes of Diani Beach.


Watamu Beach is another haven to explore for those who love to spend time on the beach. Take on an adventure to the Turtle Bay one of the best stretches along the Indian Ocean south of Malindi. Other Beaches along Watamu include; Watamu Bay and Blue Lagoon Bay. You will enjoy lots of beach activities including wind surfing, swimming, sun bathing among others.

10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Watamu Beach

Gazi beach is as well another beautiful Beach in coastal Kenya a few Kilometers from Gazi. Gazi Beach is as well less congested and looking stunning with palm trees surrounding it and beautiful luxurious lodges for overnight as you relax at the Beach.


Bamburi Beach as well thrills with stunning and calm water situated along the Northern coast of Mombasa Kenya. This is the perfect getaway for adventurous lovers to spend time relaxing especially after the long wildlife safari in Kenya. This Bamburi Beach offers that beautiful sand that you need to walk in and as well enjoy sunbathing. This is indeed a best spot for leisure and relaxation away from the city noise.


Tiwi Beach is a beautiful and stunning small Beach located in Kwale County North of Diani Beach. Tiwi Beach is the best place to go for sand lovers as well as nature lovers as this beach guarantees a fascinating and life time experience while on your next Kenya safari.


Kikambala Beach is also located along the Indian Ocean in the Northern part of Mombasa in coastal Kenya. Kikambala Beach thrills with stunning white sand on a long white sand beach offering a picturesque for both the domestic and foreign tourists in Kenya.

10 Best Beaches in Kenya
Kikambala Beach

Shanzu beach is situated along Mombasa- Malindi road and is one of the best resorts to explore while on your Kenya safari. The beach has plenty of lodges and resort where tourists can spend their nights while exploring the best of this Shanzu Beach.

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